The Guide to Finding your Area of Development

Hello, I am pandap153, you can call me pan, panda, pandap, or anything else you’d enjoy calling me. Recently I’ve struggled to find an area of development and I only recently found it yesterday because of this post.

So I’ve come here to tell people struggling to find what to do in development what I found out and how it can help you find your development area. :face_with_monocle:

During scouring through the UGC Creations post I got inspired by all of the concepts and all of the models. I always had judged things by the process to make them but not the end product. This can apply to everything development related.

Wanna make GFX? Check out some amazing GFX’s and see if you like the end product. Art, scripting, building, etc? Same thing.

So, in conclusion? Judge things by the end product and not the process of it.

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The tutorial was a bit helpful, but I agree with your opinion.

As I see what you said, it’s true that developers find an inspiration on what type of development they do, but it’s their choice. Not all developers struggle to develop and that’s okay, since that is what we like to do.

If you check out amazing end products, you’ll be impressed by each and every one of them. I think you just have to try a lot of different areas and stay where you feel the most comfortable.