The Haven Tycoon Remastered - Update!



  • New boss! A new entity has joined the battle! If you defeat the dark entity in time and the server has a average of 250 shards of life the spooky robot will become evil and initiate ANOTHER bonus round!
  • Guarenteed enemy drops! Enemies are now guarenteed to drop some sort of item and will give them based on damage dealt to each player.
  • Automatic inventory drops! Drops from enemies and waves now automaticly put in your inventory (BYE BYE BOX STEALERS!!) and wave drops are now given out based on total damage during the wave. (Not if you just had fighting mode on.)
  • Luck is not useless anymore! Luck now affects enemy and wave drops too!
  • Translations! The game is now translated in almost every language there is! (Keep in mind we use Yandex’s system translations so things may not be 100% correct.)
  • Pro realm! A brand new realm! The pro realm is much harder with x2 health, 1.1x walkspeed and 2x damage enemies, faster day, 15% more Cash, longer night, more enemy and wave drops, x1.5 reward from fountains, bigger chance for enemies to have swords and forced fighting mode! Purchase the portal there for only 25B cash, 1,000 shards of life and 500 gems! (Not destroyable in the pro realm and can be passed through at any time.)
  • New base defences! 2 brand new base defences have been added! (1 for end-game players to help in the pro realm and 1 for mid-game players!)
  • Daily challanges! (Huge thanks to @Jaschutte for getting this feature online!) New challanges to challange you! These challanges increase based on the previous challange. (Meaning you will start out easy and become hard.) If you dont complete the challange in 24 hours you will be moved down 1 level. Each challange is completly random and gives random rewards!
  • Eternal fountains! Take the fountains from other players! There are 3 fountains located around the map. You must stand near the fountain to claim it for your base! Each fountain claimed gives 1.5% CASH (+1.5% more for each player in the server.) Once claimed you can leave however beware as someone else can take it! If there are 2 players near the fountains then the boost will be shared. Holding all 3 fountains for 3 minutes gives a exclusive badge. (NOT OBTAINABLE IN VIP SERVERS OR SERVERS WITH 2 OR LESS PEOPLE.)


  • Enemy weapons! Enemies can now carry any of the 10+ weapons in the game to boost their enemy damage!
  • UI changes! All UI is now animated to look nice and fancy!
  • Other misc changes and bug fixes! (Sped up box opening!!)
  • Lag fixes!
  • Pack changes! The speed boost from boxes for premium mining has been removed!

This update was mostly to make the game look nice and add a bit more content to the game.

Next update wont be much (april 1st) as we prepare for possibly the biggest update ever sometime in april so stay tuned!

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