"The Hunt: First Edition" Accessories DOES NOT Show ParticleEmitters with Body Rig as R6

Reproduction Steps

  1. Go to the experience “Catalog Avatar Creator” (so it is possible to wear them without a complex method).
  2. As you join, press the “Catalog” button on the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the button with gears representing further configurations to set the creator as “Roblox” and enable “Off Sale Items”.
  4. Apply the new settings and wear those with ParticleEmitters, i.e. the crowns and the wings that are a part of the recent Roblox event called “The Hunt: First Edition”.
  5. After wearing everything needed, and it is showing in-game, return to the “Catalog” section and go to “Body” and choose the category “Scale”.
  6. Select Rig Type as “R6” and close the UI.

Visual Aids:

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Expected Behavior

I expected that, as I switched the body rig of my character to R6, the ParticleEmitters would remain in the accessories mentioned.

Actual Behavior

In reality, it is unclear whether the absence of VFX is due to destroyed attachments or other similar reasons.


Thank you for reporting this issue. We have resolved it on our end and you should no longer see the issue.


Thank you very much for resolving the problem. Now the VFXs of the accessories are appearing correctly! :blue_heart:


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