The Hunt: First Edition Can open source?

This is roblox official production of the game transfer station, I think the transmission of special effects inside is very cool, can let us learn to use in our games, why roblox not open source let us see?


dunno why, seems like that’d be cool to me

(also, i don’t think this is the right category)

Devforum doesn’t give me permission to put it where I want, so I’ll have to make do with it :sweat_smile:

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I agree though I think it’s probably unlikely Roblox will do it

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Share with us developers, make a better experience of the game, roblox platform user satisfaction is higher, roblox also makes more money, this is a win-win thing, why the official is not willing to?


Most of these effects are very simple, viewport frames and basic camera animations.

No, I don’t agree with you, 99% of the games on roblox don’t animate and transfer as well as this experience, and the best thing the hunt does is transfer animations between different games, which can’t be done in a few days

Roblox knows how to use their features, they add them, if you experiment and learn it you will see how simple it is.

If you want to achieve the VFXs they produced, you need to follow a bit of the scope from what @Entildo stated.

This is not that surprising when you discover afterward and you will notice that they also took the same inspiration from the previous event “Metaverse Champions”.

You and the one above always simplify the cool effects they do, and if you really let the two of you do it, you really don’t necessarily get 80 percent of its effects, which involves animation, UI, scripting, particle effects. And need to be familiar with the above and do a perfect integration effect, not shoddy to make it on the line, to let users have a unique feeling. This transmission effect seems simple and cool, in fact, it involves many aspects that need to be dealt with.

We, and the rest, are not going to get 100% the same as what we see from the picture because firstly, not every result will be perfect. Secondly, it can also be used based on internal features that are only available for either those that are engineers or have access to it. However, we can always try to somewhat achieve the similarities! :slightly_smiling_face: That is why I said that you need to follow a bit of the scope from what the other forum user stated.