The in-experience Premium purchase prompt is too big for some mobile devices

The in-experience Premium purchase prompt is taller than the screen height on smaller smartphones. Consequence: you cannot close the prompt because the close button is outside the screen

The following is a screenshot taken on a Samsung Galaxy S23 to illustrate:

Expected behavior

I expect the prompt to adjust its size according to the screen dimensions so that the player can reach all buttons of the prompt at all times


This would probably require quite a massive change if Roblox wants to make all of their core UI work this way. It’s all scaled in pixels right now, and they’d have to change it to scale based on the percentage of the screen size which would require this being done manually for every core UI. It would honestly be a huge upgrade and is how all good developer-made UI works nowadays, but I just doubt engineers would be willing to do it

Otherwise, they could simply decrease the size of this singular UI to address your issue specifically

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It is totally possible to make the layout more compact, despite it being scaled in pixels.

Most of the space is taken by the Premium logo at the top and could be redesigned to not waste as much space. A lot of space on the right of the benefits is also wasted and could be more compact.

Though honestly if you’re able to close the UI by clicking out of the prompt (on the right and left of the UI) then this is very low priority and not that big of a deal, if you’re unable to close the prompt then this could be an issue.


From what I’ve tested, tapping outside the prompt does nothing. There are other prompts (like the “favorite this experience” prompt) that are also technically too big (a bit of the UI is outside the screen borders), but the close button is still well visible.

I am experiencing this issue too in my Samsung Galaxy M12 phone.

Thank you for the report. We have assigned it to our team to review.