The Iron Cafe Staff Guide

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Written 10/06/2020 for The Iron Cafe™ purposes only
Last update: 14/07/2020
Written by; Haleyislagging & Aethersthetix | (former) Executive Board / CHRO
Permission to publish it on DevForum by @OreoChipx Chief Administrative Officer


This following guide will display important information that will be helpful throughout your journey in Iron Cafe. Please follow them wisely in order to maintain your rank at Iron Cafe. It is mandatory for all staff to read this guide, especially newer staff members.

[Why did we create this guide?]

With this guide, we hope that you will be able to learn more about the procedures and responsibilities that come with your rank. If at any time, you have a question, feel free to DM an Executive Board.

Table of Contents:

Rank Explanations

Admin Commands

Dress Code


How to…


Rank Explanations:

Trainee: Trainees are staff, and are practising to become Junior Barista throughout a Training. They can also practice by serving customers at the Cafe

Junior Barista - Master Barista: Baristas’s job is to serve customers at the cafe, and attend training to be promoted further.

Professional: Professionals serve customers at the cafe, as their name suggests, they are pros at their job. and cannot be promoted any further from training. In order to be promoted to Staff Intern, they need to pass the MR applications which open on our communications server.

Staff Intern - Staff Assistant: Senior Staff are Senior Low Ranks (SLR). They’re all MR-in-training, all permissions are the same, Professional remains an LR, Staff Intern and Assistant remain a Senior Staff. They don’t have admin at the Cafe, since they’re practising to become MR.

Assistant Supervisor - Manager: Assistant Supervisor - Manager is MR or Management, your job is to moderate the cafe, help the LRs, deal with players who break Iron Cafe’s guidelines and answer any questions that you get asked. Hosting shifts and helping at training is also an important responsibility for your job. When there is not enough LRs behind the counter, you must work behind the counter as well.

Assistant Director - Director: Assistant Director and Director is HR or corporate. Your job is to moderate the cafe, this includes; helping the MRs and LRs, dealing with players who break Iron Cafe’s guidelines and answer any questions that you get asked. You influence the lower ranks and set the example, it is important that you stay professional when representing Iron Cafe, in or outside of the cafe. Hosting shifts and helping at training is also an important responsibility for your job.

Admin Commands

For each rank, there are a certain number of admin commands you get, with each command, there is a proper use for it.

For each new rank, you get the same commands as the last rank along with new commands.

These are the commands you should be using at your rank:


!rejoin [used when needing to rejoin the game]

JB - Staff Assistant:

!rejoin[used when needing to rejoin the game]

;warn [used to warn a player who is not following Iron Cafe’s guidelines.]

Assistant Supervisor - Manager:

;kick [used for someone who is at max warnings]

;cmds [used to view the command list]

;pm [used for when you need to private message somebody]

;refresh/ref [used when you need to refresh somebody (this can be abused, don’t ref somebody without asking)]

;h [this is used when you need to make a server-wide announcement, usually used when notifying everyone that a shift is starting]

;logs/chatlogs [ used when needed to view either admin logs or chat logs]

;to [used to teleport to someone, must use ;view first!!!]

;view [used to view a player (e.x. Before you use the ;to or ;bring command)]

Assistant Director - Director:

;ban [used when someone is on max kicks or has done a bannable offense. (e.x. Chat flood or bypassing)]

;unban [used when someone gets wrongfully banned and needs to be unbanned]

;bring [used when needing to bring a player to a certain location, must use ;view first!]

;bans [used to view the server bans]

Admin abuse:

Admin abuse is when administrators abuse their powers, such as:

  • Banning/kicking for no reason;
  • Abuse of ;h and/or ;m ;
  • Using “;to” to access restricted areas [SHR offices, Administration Lounge];
  • Kicking by letter [e.x. ;kick a,b,c,d]
  • Using ;bring for no reason;
  • PM’ing multiple players;
  • More not included in this list.

Admin abuse ruins other’s fun, and reflects unprofessionalism to guests. That’s why abusing your powers will lead into consequences, such as suspensions, perm suspensions, or worse. Remember that any actions you take are logged, and can be used as proof for a suspension. Here at Iron Cafe, we trust our staff by giving ;kick for MRs and ;ban for HRs, your job is to keep the cafe safe and fun, and we hope you can accomplish that.

Dress Code

As an Iron Cafe staff member, you’re held in a higher light than guests, that’s why you must follow our dress code, not respecting this may lead to consequences, such as a suspension.

What you can wear:

Must Follow Roblox’s Community Guidelines and TOS:

  • List item

  • Short sleeves tops

  • Long sleeves tops

  • Shorts

  • Pants/Trousers

  • Hoodies

  • Smart Hats and accessories

  • Suits, etc

  • Showing off the torso crop tops if the top is smart and is not showing too much.

  • What you can not wear:

  • No explicit content

  • No troller like outfits

  • No ‘shorts’ that completely show the legs to the point where you cannot see the shorts.

  • No fall down tops from shoulder.

  • No shirts/shorts that bypass or contain slurs

  • No other company shirts to be worn while at Iron.

  • No shirts/pants with weapons featured.

  • No types of bodysuits like a HotDog, Toilet paper pack, etc

  • Try your best to dress smart and casual where possible.



MR: 5 days cooldown per rank
[e.x. Player must wait 5 days after being promoted before being eligible for the next promotion.]

List item

HRs: 1 week cooldown per rank
[e.x. Player must wait 7 days after being promoted before being eligible for the next promotion.]


Hinting is when a staff member asks for a promotion; hinting is very unprofessional and may lead to consequences such as a suspension, hinting for promotions is unfair for others, and reflects a total lack of consideration for others. That’s why Iron Cafe makes sure that everyone has a fair chance by taking action toward players who hint for promotions.

How to…

THIS PART CONCERN OUR COMMUNICATION SERVER, if you’re under 13 or not-in, ignore this part*

Request a Promotion:

Requesting a promotion is for when you see a staff member who is doing a very good job at Iron Cafe and who you think should be promoted.

Rules for Promotion Request:

  1. Ranks 10+ (Staff Intern) may request a promotion
  2. You cannot suggest for Professionals to be promoted to Staff Intern, or Manager to be promoted to Assistant Director.
  3. No suggesting yourself
  4. No suggesting trainees as they need to attend training
  5. No suggesting rank 16+ (Assistant Director)
  6. Sufficient proof is needed
  7. Do not ask for an EB+ to read/pass your promotion request (This results in your request being automatically declined)
  8. Failure to follow the format will lead to your request being automatically declined.

List item

The request must have at least 3+ sentences.

An Executive Board or higher may accept or decline.

Format of a Promotion Request:



Current Rank:

Requested Rank:

(Proof if any)

Request a Point Promotion:

Requesting a point promotion is for the ranks Trainee - Staff Intern.

Point Chart for Point Promotion:


Format for Point Promotions request:

The format for a point promotion request is very similar to a promotion request.



Current Rank:

Requested Rank:


NOTE: You cannot skip ranks for point promotions and there must be at least 48 hours in between each promotion.

Report a Staff Member/ Requesting an HR in Game:

If you’re above 13 and a member of our communication server:
When reporting a staff member, there are steps you must take (in our communication server);

  1. Gather their username, rank and proof
  2. Open a ticket using the “-new [REASON]” command in #:robot:commands.
  3. Report the user in the ticket.

When needing to call an HR into the cafe or training center (if one is not already in game), for any reason, a ticket should be opened using the “-new [REASON]” command in #:robot:commands.

If you’re under 13 or/and not a member of our communication server, you must contact an MR/HR in-game.

Chain of Command

The chain of command is used before creating a ticket on an issue. If you think the issue can be resolved by contacting a single person, use the Chain of Command.

Chain of Command (Highest to lowest)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)(Chairman) | (The VERY last to contact)
Chief Operation Officer (COO) | (The second VERY last to contact)
Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) | (The third last to contact)
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) | (The fifth person to contact)
Chief Business Officer (CBO) | (The fourth person to contact)
Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) | (The third person to contact)
(Vice-)/President ( (V)P ) | (The second person to contact)
Executive Board (EB) | (The FIRST PERSON EVER to contact)


This guide was created to help you learn about the procedures of each rank and how Iron Cafe’s system works. If at any time, you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket* or ask an HR!