The Jack of most arts. [Artist?]

About Me

Long time ROBLOX player, starting around 2010 but not getting into the development circle until roughly 2 years ago and was picked up by the ROLVe community. Currently about to graduate from College on May 11th [2019] roughly a week from this post I will have a Major in Illustration. I tend to leak into other forms of work outside of just Illustrations such as 3D Modeling, Texture art, Graphics [Both 2D and 3D,] ROBLOX Building, and most of all Developing characters, concept art and Clothing on ROBLOX. Consider it a Jack of most arts, alright at most: master of nothing.

My Stuff

I have a portfolio site which has more info on myself as well as a lot of recent work which can be viewed here


I’m usually always available but it’s more so a matter of how well I’m feeling about a project, without motivation or passion I wont turn up as frequent as one would expect.


Lets not get ahead of ourselves, though payment depends on what kind of product is being provided. I take up-front, hourly, as well as royalties depending on how much content is produced and reproduced.


Want to find me huh?

My DM’s on Discord are always open Krystal Flynn :skull:#5878

If you want to check out my twitter, find me @Midnight_Krys

For as much anger and sass I can have, I really wish the best for people despite how frequently they can annoy me.


Wow! I wouldn’t exactly call you a jack of the illustration or clothing trade! Your clothing looks very different/original yet retains a look common in many avatars. Your illustrations are actually really good- you could be a really great gfx designer. However, you don’t have many examples 3d modelling and in your second example I can’t really see what was actually modelled, maybe providing a separate picture of it as well would suffice. Also, you might want to give a price range for your skills as your payment right now is very vague All in all, its a great portfolio and I wish you luck on your future projects. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve adjusted my portfolio accordingly to add a bit more to the 3D portion and clear up what’s been modeled or not.


I love the character work in Arsenal. Keep up the great work!

I did notice your site links to your inventory, but it is privated.


Gotta say you’r art is very good like all of them but the most part is the 3D model knifes really like them, keep it up Midnight!!


Very impressive work, I especially enjoyed your illustrations!