The Jedi Order - Codex

The Jedi Order

Last Modified May 21st, 2018 by Aresko, Written by @RedByDesign Revised by Fivoz and ObiwanSenko

Everything you need to know about the group can be found here. You can ask any Jedi Master+ if you have additional questions. Please try to search for the answer here, first.

1. Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. General Rules
  3. Ranking Guide
  4. a. Introduction
    b. Case studies
    c. Event types
    d. Approvals
    e. Force Sensitive [LR]
    f. Youngling [LR]
    g. Initiate [LR]
    h. Padawan [LR]
    i. Jedi Knight [MR]
    j. Jedi Guardian [MR]
    k. Jedi Consular [MR]
    l. Jedi Sentinel [MR]
    m. Jedi Peacekeeper [ADV]
    n. Jedi Battlemaster [ADV]
    o. Jedi Instructor [HR]
    p. Jedi Master [HR]
    q. Jedi Elder [R]
    r. Council [HR]
    s. Jedi Ghost [R]
    t. Grandmaster [L]
    u. The Light Side [A]
  5. Study Guide
  6. a. Jedi Mantra
    b. Odan Urr's Revised Jedi Code
    c. Je'daii code
    d. Crystal Code
    e. Three pillars
    f. Lightsaber forms
  7. Division Guide
  8. a. Temple Guard
    b. Clone Army
    c. Jedi Shadows
  9. Admin Guide
  10. a. Examples
    b. Allowed Commands
    c. Banned Commands
  11. Admin Training Guide
  12. a. Combat Training
    b. Lore Training
    c. Rules Training
    d. Ilum Gathering
    e. Official Raid
    f. Tournament
    g. Practice Raid
    h. Game Night
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

2. General Rules

  1. Be respectful to everyone inside the group and in group game servers. This applies to hostiles, allies, visitors, all members.

  2. Hostiles are kill-on-sight (KoS) unless they are in their own spawn area. Do not harm them in their spawn as that is spawn-killing. Their spawn-zone is indicated by a line on the map.

  3. Visitors are considered protected from violence. TJO members are not permitted to harm Visitors unless attacked by a Visitor. TJO members are expected to defend Visitors from Raiders.

  4. Exploiting, flaming, glitching, spamming, advertising (non-TJO stuff), or other malicious behavior will not be tolerated.

  5. Swearing or discrimination towards any other based on their race, gender, orientation, or belief system will not be tolerated.

  6. Do not attack or kill Temple Guard, as their function is similar to military police, they are enforce the law. If you have any kind of issues with them please talk to a high ranking Jedi first.

  7. The orders given by a Temple Guard or a high rank are to be non-negotiable and must be followed. Unless that order directly contradicts TJO rules or contradicts what an equal or higher HR has stated, that order should be followed.

  8. Do not abuse any of the force gamepasses.
    Note: Abuse is using the Force to give yourself an overwhelming advantage in battle. Examples: Using Force Speed to cross the line, then Force Lightning, Force Cripple, or Force Choke (to kill someone), and Force Speed again to run back to the protection behind the line is abuse. Using Force Choke after death (resulting in a glitch) is also abuse. Using Force Push or Force Pull to push/pull someone into Restricted Areas or to harm them is abuse.

  9. If you are late to any kind of official group event, please do not try to sneak in or get in by any means.

  10. Refunds for gamepasses will only occur if the gamepass in question is malfunctioning or is broken. Refunds may be given at the discretion of the Jedi Council or by AskavixDomini, himself, however no promises are made. Askavix has final say in all refund cases.

  11. Using the @everyone function in the discord or spam @mentioning individuals is harassment and will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, discrimination, spamming, advertising, exploiting, will not be tolerated in the discord either.

If you see anyone breaking these rules contact a Council+ with evidence.

The violation of any of the above rules can result in any combination of the following consequences: Warning, Probation (wait times), Kicks or Bans (temporary) from TJO servers, Demotion, Multiple-Demotions, Blacklist (from divisions), or Exile.

3. Ranking Guide

a. Introduction

This document outlines the expectations and requirements of each rank in TJO. Promotions are given when the requirements for a rank are reached. Some promotions require approvals and some have time requirements, lying or falsifying information in order to bypass requirements for ranks will result in harsh penalties. Failures during trials results in a cooldown period of one week. Attending events will not simply get you a promotion. You must complete the entire event to the satisfaction of the Host and they must select you for promotion. In order to help yourself in your efforts, record your promotions with screenshots or other forms of hard evidence (like video).

All promotions are sent to a promotions request channel where they are processed by HRs who authorize and confirm the legitimacy of each promotion [THIS TAKES TIME, BE PATIENT]. Sometimes promotions are denied for failing to meet requirements such as above. Sometimes promotions are lost, due to a non-perfect system. Take screenshots of the host selecting you for promotion in order to prove you earned it in the event that your promotion request is lost somehow.
NOTE: ONLY ONE PROMOTION PER DAY. Violations of this rule results in forfeiture of additional promotions.

b. Case studies

A case study is 3-5 sentences minimum on any person, place, battle, etc. in Star wars but preferably should be in TJO’s time period. Our current time period is the Clone Wars, so any SW material from before this time period or during is allowed.

Example case study: Lightsabers
Lightsabers are tools utilized most often by Force Sensitive individuals like the Jedi, Grey Jedi, and Sith. Comprised of a hilt and crystal, lightsabers are most commonly hand-made by users and have a variety of modifications and enhancements. Lightsabers can be used as a tool or as a weapon, for offensive or defensive capabilities and have the unique ability to cut through most any material Exceptions to this ability are items made with materials that absorb energy such as cortosis. Lightsabers require extensive training and have the potential to block or redirect most forms of energy such as
lasers and blasters.

Note: This specific case study is banned as it is used by this Codex as an example. Other topics such as Blasters or Blades are fair game. Do NOT copy and paste from other TJO members or any source material (like wikipedia) you research with. That is called plagiarism and will result in an instant failure of any test you are taking.

c. Event Types

Official Events: Combat training, Lore training, Rule training, Ilum Gathering
Unofficial Events: Duelist of The Order tournament, Game Night, Parties
Other Events: Official and Unofficial Raids do not count towards promotions.

d. Approvals

Approvals are EARNED, by earning the respect and approval of High Ranking Members. Whether this means seeing them in-game often as you do your job or working alongside them in day-to-day operations varies. However approvals should never be given to people that aren’t familiar with each other (new acquaintances). Approvals are required for the ranks of Master. You must record your approvals. That means take screenshots, use your computer’s system or Lightshot, or Gyazo. You need to get the person-approving-you’s name, the date, and what they are approving you for in the screenshot. Approvals expire after two weeks. Re-request them to get them renewed.
Example: AskavixDomini approves AnteDomini for Master 8/8/17.
This example is what the picture would look like, however this example isn’t a screenshot so it’d be invalid.

e. Force Sensitive [Low Rank] [LR]:

Description: Be a member of The Jedi Order.
Requirements: Be a member of The Jedi Order.

f.Youngling [Low Rank] [LR]:

Description: New members learning about training events.
Requirements: Purchase and wear a Star Wars genre outfit, preferably Jedi or Grey Jedi robes, OR complete a rules training.

g. Initiate [Low Rank] [LR]:

Description: Members who are learning about the Jedi and the ranks.
Requirements: Complete ANY two training events, OR complete an Ilum Gathering.

h. Padawan [Low Rank] [LR]:

Description: Active members in the community who are following all of the group rules.
Requirements: Have a Master (Jedi Knight+), be a Student for at least one day.

i. Jedi Knight [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Description: These are new MRs and familiar members of the Order. They are the backbone of our community.
Requirements: Pass Knight Trials (described in the following)

  1. Know Odan-Urrs Revised Jedi Code.
  2. Know the Je’daii Code.
  3. Know the Crystal Code.
  4. Know the Jedi Mantra.
  5. Know the Three Pillars.
  6. Demonstrate adequate skill with the lightsaber in three duels.
  7. Have a general understanding of the types of TJO events, in-game rules, and discord rules.
  8. Have spent a week as a Padawan.

After you reach the rank of Jedi Knight you get to choose one of three paths, Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel, or Jedi Consular. You need to take the appropriate trials for which path you choose.

j. Jedi Guardian [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Expectation: To become an active Jedi and focus on lightsaber combat.

  1. Know all seven lightsaber forms in order.
  2. Be able to describe all seven lightsaber forms.
  3. Be able to perform three lightsaber forms with excellent skill.
  4. Win 4/6 duels.
  5. Write a paragraph what a Jedi Guardian is and what they should be doing.
  6. Been a Jedi Knight for at least 3 days.

k. Jedi Consular [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Expectation: To become an active Jedi and focus on studying lore and knowledge.

  1. Know four lightsaber forms.
  2. Be able to describe two forms.
  3. Be able to perform one form with decent skill.
  4. Win 1/3 duels.
  5. Three case studies.
  6. Write a paragraph on what a Consular is and what they should be doing.
  7. Been a Jedi Knight for at least 3 days.

l. Jedi Sentinel [Middle Rank] [MR]:

Expectation: To become an active Jedi and focus on being balanced in dueling and knowledge.

  1. Know five lightsaber forms.
  2. Be able to describe four of them.
  3. Be able to perform two with good skill.
  4. Win 2/5 duels.
  5. Two case studies.
  6. Write a paragraph on what a Jedi Sentinel is and what they should be doing.
  7. Been a Jedi Knight for at least 3 days.

m. Jedi Peacekeeper [Advanced Rank] [ADV]:

Expectation: Advanced group members who have generally followed all the rules and on their way to becoming experienced members of the Order. They have good skill and knowledge of how things run and how they should act.

  1. Good maturity level.
  2. Willing to teach and help others.
  3. Has good control over situations.
  4. Good serenity and activity.
  5. Follows the rules.
  6. Shows they’re willingly to solve things peacefully.
  7. Has Co-Hosted one Rules training.
  8. Has Co-Hosted or lead one Gathering.
  9. Has Co-Hosted one Combat training.
  10. Has Co-Hosted one Lore training.
  11. Win 3/5 duels, showing good skill with lightsaber combat.
  12. Two case studies based on influential Jedi.
  13. One case study based on any topic related to our current era.
  14. Been a Jedi Guardian, Sentinel, or Consular for at least 5 days.

n. Jedi Battlemaster [Advanced Rank] [ADV]:

Expectation: Members who are very experienced and have shown great leadership. They are on their way to being primary instructors and learning the ropes of being a leader. They can host any trial up to Jedi Peacekeeper.

  1. Promising leadership skills.
  2. Is willingly to train and help others.
  3. High maturity level.
  4. Great activity.
  5. Good serenity.
  6. Amazing knowledge of lore.
  7. One paragraph on what it means to be a Jedi.
  8. One paragraph how a lightsaber should be used as a Jedi.
  9. Three case studies.
  10. Co-Hosted two Lore Trainings.
  11. Co-Hosted two Combat Training.
  12. Co-Hosted two Rules training.
  13. Co-Hosted or lead one Gathering.
  14. Complete two made up scenarios (relating to raiders, AA, rule breakers, etc), showing they can solve problems peacefully and effectively
  15. Ten approvals from Battlemaster plus.
  16. Been a Jedi Peacekeeper for at least 7 days.

o. Jedi Instructor [High Rank] [HR]:

Description: These are the primary teachers of the Order. They lead by example, showing good control and serenity and solving things peacefully and effectively. They utilize moderator level command privileges and are expected to be responsible admins. They can trial anyone up to Jedi Battlemaster.

  1. Can thrive even with stressed and under pressure.
  2. Excellent leadership.
  3. Handles problems and uses moderator appropriately.
  4. Great activity.
  5. Three paragraphs on what they will do as an Instructor and how you will behave as an Instructor and why you should have an opportunity to lead the Order.
  6. Hosted three Combat Trainings.
  7. Hosted three Rules Trainings.
  8. Hosted three Lore Trainings.
  9. Hosted two Gatherings.
  10. Been a helpful Jedi.
  11. Win 3/7 duels. Showing strong skills with a lightsaber.
  12. Four case studies.
  13. Passes three made up scenarios.
  14. Have ten approvals from Jedi Master and above.
  15. Been Battlemaster for at least 14 days.

p. Jedi Master [High Rank] [HR]:

Description: These are some of the most respected members in the group. They have proven themselves time and time again. They are some of the primary leaders in the group and have many responsibilities. They are great problem solvers and have shown their commitment to the Order. They have admin level command privileges to aid them in their role. They can trial anyone up to Master (they cannot give Master trials). They are the lowest rank in TJO that can lead a Division.

  1. Extremely active.
  2. Serenity and control.
  3. Amazing leadership and problem solving skills.
  4. Solves problems peacefully and effectively.
  5. Good dueling skills when tested.
  6. Great knowledge of lore.
  7. Embodiment of maturity and discipline.
  8. Over half of current Council approvals.
    Note: If there are 10 Councilors, you need 6 approvals.
    If there are 11 Council= 6 approvals. If there are 12 Council= 7 approvals.
  9. Three case studies, two paragraphs each on anything in the groups era.
  10. A essay on why you should be a Jedi Master, how you would help the group, and why we should choose you for Jedi Master.
  11. Hosted 10 combat trainings, 10 lore trainings, 5 rules trainings, and 5 gatherings.
  12. Complete many scenarios showing excellent and advanced problem solving skills.
  13. Been a Jedi Instructor for at least 20 days.
  14. Must have taken at least five Padawans in the past.
  15. Must have supervised at least five trainings as an Instructor.

q. Elder [Retired] [R]:

Jedi Elders are former Council members who have served TJO diligently and provided a great service to the community. As such, for their efforts they have received the honorary rank of Elder, signifying their dedication and immortalizing their accomplishments. Elder comes with basic admin level commands as even in retirement they have proven their maturity and dedication.

  1. Be a former Council member and still be in good standing with the Order.

r. Council [High Rank] [HR]:

These are the primary leaders of The Jedi Order. They make major decisions for the group and the future of the community. They have owner level command privileges in group games. They are also admins in the Discord server. They are the only ones who can demote without permission and host official Raids and Practice Raids. They are to make sure things are always running smoothly and if they aren’t, to solve the problem accordingly.

  1. Must be a current Jedi Master, have served in good standing for at least 14 days.
  2. Have majority Council approval (in the form of a formal Council vote).
  3. Can be appointed by the Grandmaster via Grandmaster Executive Clause or by AskavixDomini.

s. Jedi Ghost [Retired] [R]:

Jedi Ghosts are retired ex-Grandmasters or TJO Developers. They are handpicked by AskavixDomini and him alone. Developers are TJO’s foundation builders. They give us the maps and tech we need to actually run our games. TJO Developers are individuals who have earned AskavixDomini’s personal approval as quality producers for the group. They are responsible for maintaining our maps, scripts, and tech to ensure TJO has a game to match it’s wonderful community. Requirements: 1) Have AskavixDomini’s approval to be a TJO official developer or be an ex-Grandmaster.

t. Grandmaster [L]:

Can either be AskavixDomini himself or someone of his choosing. Final say in everything unless AskavixDomini decides otherwise. The Grandmaster can have a say in all situations, in any aspect of TJO’s system.
Grandmaster Executive Clause: Allows the Grandmaster to overrule or supersede any decision made by other members of TJO in emergencies or time of need.

  1. Be appointed by AskavixDomini himself.

u. The Light Side [A]:

The owner of TJO, AskavixDomini who is the benevolent creator of TJO. All things pertaining to the welfare of the group is his business and he handles most financial needs of the group (as group owner). He may step in and overrule decisions made by any other member in TJO, even the current sitting Grandmaster.

4. Study Guide

a. Jedi Mantra:

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

b. Odan Urr's Revised Jedi Code:

There is no emotion, there Is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

c. Je'daii code:

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness.
In balance with chaos and harmony.
Immortal in the Force.

d. Crystal Code:

The crystal is the heart of the blade.
The heart is the crystal of the Jedi.
The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
The Force is the blade of the heart.
All are intertwined.
The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
We are one/ you are one.

e. Three pillars:

The Force.

f. Lightsaber forms:

  1. Form Zero/Negotiation
  2. Shii Ch0
  3. Makashi
  4. Soresu
  5. Ataru
  6. Shien / Djem So
  7. Niman
  8. Juyo / Vaapad

5. Division Guide

a. Temple Guard:

The Temple Guard is a division established to maintain a peaceful atmosphere within the Temple. They uphold the law and will detain all those who break group rules. The Temple Guards remain formal and do not speak unless given the authority to do so.

Rank Requirement: Initiate+

b. Clone Army:

The Clone Army is a military division of The Jedi Order which focuses on blaster combat and offensive raids. They are organized into subdivision corps, battalions, and legions.

Rank Requirement: Force Sensitive+

c. Jedi Shadows:

The Jedi Shadow is a division whose members function in relative secrecy. They conduct operations of espionage and counter-intelligence while destroying any dark forces in their path. They are front-line fighters, and excel in combat.

Rank Requirement: Initiate+

6. Admin Guide

a. Examples of Admin Abuse:

Any harmful or commands used to hurt others is banned (:kill)
Any command that forcefully changes others is banned (:char)
Any command that takes away free will is banned (:freeze, :mute, :control)
Any command that alters the game is banned (:btools, :gear)
Any other command that is not listed below will will be consider AA:
(:nyan, :witchtrial, :blind, :party, :size, :kidnap, etc).
NOTE: Do not use commands that target mass groups of people, especially if they aren’t relevant to what you’re doing (Example: Using :m to talk to the Jedi team when it notifies the TG, Allied, Visitor, and Raiders teams too).
Do not use commands to make your personal experience easier (Example: Using :tp, :to, and :bring just to get around the map. You have legs, use them.)

b. Allowed Commands (spam can be considered AA):

  • :pm
  • :logs / :exploitlogs / :chatlogs / :showlogs
  • :name (Should be used for training and tryouts only, if not it’s consider AA)
  • :clone (for trainings/tryouts/patrols/rules only)
  • :countdown (Only for training/tryouts, not for personal duels!)
  • :re / :respawn / :bring / :to / :tp (Only use it if it’s necessary, you have legs for a reason)
  • :ff(Only for training/Tryouts, If seen using outside it’s consider AA)
  • :h (Use this for most directions)
  • :m (Do not use this more than a few times during a training or over an hour period)
  • :n (Don’t spam this either)
  • :setmessage (If you use this, it better be for a good reason)
  • :team ( You are only to team yourself hostile if there’s a PR or a trial/training/tryouts. If seen used to go on TG and you’re not a member of the TG it’s considered AA)
  • :heal (ONLY for trainings/tryouts, duels, or trials. Using this during raids or patrolling is AA)
  • :jail / :punish (Jail someone, then talk and negotiate. Do this before resorting to kicks/bans. CLEAR YOUR JAIL CELLS IF THE TARGET LEAVES THE GAME. TYPE :CLR or :CLEAR)
  • :kick / :ban (Negotiation first. Kick as last resort. Ban for repeat offenders)
  • :view / :watch ( Only use this if necessary)
  • :freeze (Only if you are putting up a clone to set a message, if anything else it’s AA)
  • :age (Only for tryouts if needed)
  • :afk
  • :command / :cmds
  • :viewtools
  • :to / :bring / :tp Only use this if you have an immediate need to reach someone. Do NOT teleport to the front-lines. Do NOT use this command just to travel around.

REMINDER: If you use any other commands that are not listed above that will be considered AA.

c. Banned Commands:

  • :fly (Only Council+ can use it.)
  • :shutdown (Need permission from a Council+)
  • :removetools (Need permission from a Council+)
  • :cape (Do not use.)
  • :noclip and :clip (Only Council+)
  • :repeat ( No one should use.)
  • :btool (Only for Council+ to use!)
  • :resetstats (Only for council+ are allow to use it for Raids or an PR.)
  • :change (Only Council+ can use for raids/trainings.)
  • :fling (Never to be used.)
  • :speed (Never to be used.)
  • :blind (Never to be used.)
  • :size (Never to be used.)
  • :party (Never to be used.)
  • :kidnap (Never to be used.)
  • :kill (Never to be used.)
  • :health (Never to be used.)
  • :place (Only Council+ can use it)
  • :god (Only Council+ can use it

All other commands not listed are considered off limits unless given permission by Council+

7. Admin Training Guide

a. Combat Training:

Purpose: To refine and test combat skills by practicing and learning. 1) Get all those who want to participate to STS and let them know Permission to Speak is in effect. 2) Go over all lightsaber forms, including form 0 and describe them all/ demonstrate them all. 3) Organize your trainees into one v one dueling. Have a winner line and defeated line. 4) Promote those who you thought performed well.

b. Lore Training:

Purpose: To study Star Wars lore to enhance one's understanding of the genre and to connect better with the Force. 1) Get all those who want to participate to STS and let them know Permission to Speak is in effect. 2) Pick a topic or in some cases topics if they aren't long and go over it with your class. Remember to keep it detailed and be ready to answer questions. 3) Have a 5-10 question quiz at the end. 4) Promote those who did well.

c. Rules Training:

Purpose: To achieve a better understanding of how TJO functions as a group and to understand the community and expectations.

  1. Get all those who want to participate to STS and let them know Permission to Speak is in effect.
  2. This is primarily for Force Sensitives. Go over all the rules they will need to know so they can thrive and know what’s okay and what’s not, so they avoid possibly breaking rules without knowing.
  3. Quiz the trainees on the rules you went over.
  4. Promote those who did well.

d. Ilum Gathering:

Purpose: To practice agility, independence, and creativity in the form of an adventure/quest. Used primarily to test Initiates who wish to become Students.

  1. Primarily for Initiates.
  2. Get all those who want to participate to STS and let them know Permission to Speak is in effect.
  3. Explain their purpose inside the caves.
  4. Set a time limit under 20 minutes, and begin.
  5. When time runs out bring them all back to you and make them STS again.
  6. Promote the Initiates who found at least one crystal inside the caves.

e. Official Raid:

(Hosted by Council+ only, or with explicit written/typed permission from a Council member) Purpose: Ultimate test of group combat skill and tactical knowledge in the form of a battle. 1. Locate target raid place. 2. Announce/Gather members for the attack. 3. Rally members at a TJO group place. 4. Send members to attack target raid place. 5. Succeed or fail, but end raid before one hour has passed. 6. End event. 7. No promotions allowed.

f. Tournament:

((Hosted by Council+ only, or with explicit written/typed permission from a Grandmaster+)
Purpose: Ultimate test of individual combat skill and knowledge.

  1. Announce tournament date (AT LEAST 24 hours advance notice) and location (Ilum generally).
  2. Start rallying and organizing members at tournament location 10 minutes before official start time.
  3. Conduct tournament.
  4. Submit winner(s) to Grandmaster+
  5. End event.
  6. No promotions allowed.

g. Practice Raid:

Purpose: Test of group combat skill and tactical knowledge in the form of a battle.

  1. Announce/Gather members for the attack.
  2. Organize the two fighting factions (example: Shadows and Temple Guard vs. Clones)
  3. Succeed or fail, but end raid before one hour has passed.
  4. End event.
  5. No promotions allowed.

h. Game Night:

Purpose: To de-stress. To enjoy life, take time away from all the business.
Note: TJO business is not to be addressed during the game night. That means do NOT interrupt members who are in game-night for TJO matters unless it’s an emergency.
Council+ only can host this event.

  1. Announce game night
  2. Link and play Game 1.
  3. Link and play Game 2.
  4. Link and play Game 3.
  5. Play up to 10 games.
  6. End event.
  7. No promotions allowed.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

As we’re well along in our growth as a group, Council has noticed some trends in common questions. This document should answer them.

Q: How do I get promoted from Force Sensitive?
A: Buy a Star Wars outfit (shirt and pants). We prefer Jedi or Grey Jedi. You can also attend a TJO official event.

Q: An individual has broken group rules, what do I do?
A: Gather EVIDENCE. That means screenshots or video. If you want to use eye-witness reports, we prefer you gather multiple witnesses. Send the information to a Jedi Master+

Q: I want a refund for a gamepass, how do I get a refund?
A: You don’t. Refunds are not given unless a gamepass is non-functioning. You need proof of dysfunctions AND proof of ownership to even be considered for refunds. That means a picture of the gamepass in your account inventory and a picture/video of the gamepass not functioning in-game. If Roblox has released a recent update resulting in ALL the gamepasses being broken, we will do our best to fix them (refunds won’t be given since the whole map will be down).

Q: Can someone host a training?
A: Watch the roblox group shout for updates. People who can host events generally shout the events. Also watch the Discord #announcements server as hosts post there too.

Q: Can someone host a Divisions tryout?
A: Only HRs in the said division can host tryouts for that division. Division HRs may host whenever they want. Keep a close eye on the roblox group shout and the TJO discord server for tryout announcements.
Example: Council AnteDomini cannot host a Temple Guard tryout since Council AnteDomini is not in the Temple Guard division.

Q: Is TJO mobile-friendly?
A: Mobile support was officially added in May of 2018 for Ilum