The Jedi Order Codex

The Jedi Order

Welcome to The Jedi Order! This document will supply you with the information needed to get around in the Order. If you find yourself with a question, contact a high ranking member of the Order.

1. Rules

These rules are put in place for the general safety of everyone in the community. Breaking the rules will result in punishment or banishment.

1 - Don’t be racist, sexist, verbally abuse any member in this server
-If you are seen doing this or reported to have or even insinuate such behavior, you will be sanctioned severely.

2 - Treat your fellow players with respect
-Everyone here has in common that they have some level of interest in the game. So, don’t give anyone a hard time, everyone just wants to have fun.

3 - No NSFW Content
-Self-explanatory, bannable on the spot.

4 - No advertising is allowed in this server

  • (examples are server links, promoting YouTube channels, promoting games, etc). Self-promoting channels are not allowed, only posting links to videos that are related to the conversation, or if they’re about the game itself. DM advertising is sanctionable.

5 - There should be no links in general, except for links to pictures that are related to the conversations and/or links related to the game.

6 - All bot commands are to be used in the dedicated #bot-commands channel.
-Bots used anywhere else will result in a warn and multiple warns could turn to a mute.

7 - Don’t scam or trade-offsite with anyone -Examples of such include selling/buying Roblox accounts, asking for Roblox passwords, offering Robux for in-game items, etc. None of this is permissible in this server.

8 - Swearing
-You can swear, but don’t swear excessively.

9 - Toxicity
-We strive for a community where everyone respects one another so refrain from being toxic. If after being asked to stop, you continue, you will be warned and if that isn’t enough, muted.

2. Admin Rules

Administrative abuse is a serious violation and will result in severe punishment. The list below features an array of commands that are permitted to be used and some that are prohibited.

Permitted Commands: ( All commands can be categorized as abusive if misused ).

:to (username)

Only to teleport to someone in case they are in need of assistance/administrative help. It can also be used in BTs. You’re only allowed to teleport to someone with their permission.

:bring (username)
Only permitted to bring people in case of dire administrative issues, or in a BT. You will never use this command on superior ranking personnel.

:view (username)
Can be used to view a player to make sure they aren’t exploiting, or to see where a player is in case of an emergency. Do not view superiors.

:chatlogs [true]
Can be used only in situations where chat history of someone is needed.

:logs [true]

Can be used to view past administrative command usage.

:pm (username)

It can be used to ask permission to teleport to someone. Also used for long-range communication.

:team (username) (team)

3. Rank Structure

This will explain how to progress in the Jedi Order. You must note that breaking rules and abusing power will result in an instant loss of rank.

Low Ranks

Force Sensitive - Join the Group.

Youngling I - Attend a rule training.

Youngling II - Attend a combat training.

Youngling III - Attend a lore training.

Initiate - Complete a gathering at Ilum.

Padawan - Must have been an Initiate for 1 day, find a master with the rank of Jedi Knight or above.

Middle Ranks

Jedi Knight - Serve 7 days as a Padawan, Show knowledge of rules, complete Knight Trials which consist of a 30 question lore quiz which you must get 20/30 correct, a 5 match duel with your host, you must win 3/5 to pass, and you must host mock training with your host as the attendee, you must do well.

—Path Ranks—

Jedi Guardian - Serve 5 days as a JK, Co-host 5 events of any type(cannot be the same event). Take the Guardian Trials where you must be able to describe all 7 forms, win 4 of 6 duels, write a paragraph about this path.

Jedi Consular - Serve 5 days as a JK, Co-host 5 events of any type(cannot be the same event). Take the Consular Trials where you must know 4 lightsaber forms and be able to describe 2 of them, win 1 of 3 duels, write a paragraph about the path.

Jedi Sentinel - Serve 5 days as a JK, Co-host 5 events of any type(cannot be the same event). Take the Sentinel Trials where you must know 5 lightsaber forms and be able to describe 4 of them, win 2 of 5 duels, and write a paragraph about the path.

High Ranks

Jedi Instructor - Host 5 Combat Trainings, 3 Lore Trainings, 2 Rule Trainings, and 1 gathering. Take Instructor Trials which consist of a rule quiz and a 5 match duel. You must win 3/5 duels to pass.

—Path Ranks—

Jedi Blademaster - Must have fully completed the Guardian path. Write a paragraph on what it means to be a Guardian. Host 7 Combat Trainings.

Jedi Librarian - Must have fully completed the Consular path. Write a paragraph on what it means to be a Consular. Host 7 Lore Trainings.

Jedi Sage - Must have fully completed the Sentinel path. Write a paragraph on what it means to be a Sentinel. Host 7 Rule Trainings.


Jedi Master - Host 5 of every type of training(Combat, Lore, Rule, Gathering). Take the Master Trials which consist of Dueling a Jedi Councilor and winning 7/10 times, Writing 3 case studies on 3 different Jedi Masters, and writing a paragraph on why you should be a Jedi Master. After this, a Council vote will be made to see if you are worthy of becoming a Master.

High Command

Jedi Council - Show a high amount of dedication to the Order. If a Jedi Councilor notices you enough, a vote will be made to induct you into the Council. The council cap is 12.

Master of the Order - Earn the trust of the current Grandmaster, may only be selected by the current Grandmaster or Holder (The Force).

Leader Ranks

Jedi Grandmaster - Leads the group, makes any decisions that are not overruled by the Executive Clause, must be handpicked by the Holder or a Grandmaster that has retired.

The Force - Owns the group.

4. Codes

This section of the Codex will show all the Codes you will need to learn.

Jedi Mantra

  1. Emotion, yet peace
  2. Ignorance, yet knowledge.
  3. Passion, yet serenity.
  4. Chaos, yet harmony.
  5. Death, yet the Force.

Odann Urr’s Revised Jedi Code

  1. There is no emotion, there is peace.
  2. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
  3. There is no passion, there is serenity.
  4. There is no chaos, there is harmony.
  5. There is no death, there is the Force.

Je’daii Code

  1. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
  2. There is no fear, there is power.
  3. I am the heart of the Force.
  4. I am the revealing fire of light.
  5. I am the mystery in the darkness.
  6. In balance, with chaos and harmony.
  7. Immortal in the Force.

Crystal Code

  1. The crystal is the heart of the blade.
  2. The heart is the crystal of the blade.
  3. The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
  4. The Force is the blade of the heart.
  5. All are intertwined.
  6. The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
  7. We are one, you are one.

The Three Pillars

  1. Knowledge
  2. Self-discipline
  3. The Force

Lightsaber Forms

  1. Form Zero (Negotiation)
  2. Shii-Cho (Form I)
  3. Makashi (Form 2)
  4. Soresu (Form 3)
  5. Ataru (Form 4)
  6. Shien / Djem So (Form 5; two variations)
  7. Niman (Form 6)
  8. Juyo / Vapaad (Form 7; two variations)
  9. Sokan (Form 8; principle technique)

5. Event Guidelines

This section outlines the 4 different types trainings. Remember, only JI + can host.

Rule Training

This is where you will go over the rules to the new members of the order.

Combat Training

To host this you must go over the neutral style of fighting most Jedi use and then you are to duel the attendees, giving them tricks on how to manipulate the game to their advantage.

Lore Training

To host this you must go over the lore of a certain subject, preferably a Jedi related topic but it does not have to be and after you go over the lore you will ask 3-5 questions regarding it and whoever gets most of them right passes.

Crystal Gathering

You are to take the Y-3s to the Crystal caves and wait at the entrance, you will give them a time limit to find a crystal and get out of the cave. If they do not find a crystal or do not make it out of the cave, they do not pass.

6. Divisions


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