The Jedi Order | Rank Structure Changes

Updated Rank Structure

Force Sensitive // Low Rank
Youngling // Low Rank
Initiate // Low Rank
Padawan // Low Rank
Jedi Knight // Middle Rank
Temple Guard // TG MEMBERS
Jedi Battlemaster // Advanced Rank
Jedi Elder // Retired Rank for Instructors/Masters
Jedi Instructor // High Rank
Jedi Master // High Rank
Jedi Spirit // Retired Rank for Jedi Councilors
Jedi Council // Leadership
Master of the Order // Leadership
Jedi Legend // Retired Rank
Legacy Developer // DEV
LSBG Developer // DEV
Head Developer // DEV
Grandmaster // Leadership

Jedi Knight Requirements Addition

  • Achieve the third rank in either Consulars or Guardians.
  • Achieve the second rank in Taskforce.

Jedi Battlemaster Requirements
An advanced rank in the order that will be tasked with assisting the lower ranks & hosting with supervision of a Jedi Master+.

  • Display appropriate engagement and behavior within the order. Obtain two approvals from a Jedi Master.
  • Write a paragraph on why you deserve Jedi Battlemaster and what you hope to accomplish as a Battlemaster.
  • Co-host 2 of each training.
  • Briefly explain how to host each training.
  • Spent 5 days as a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Instructor Requirements Update

  • Host 3 Combat Trainings, 3 Lore Trainings, and 3 Gatherings.
  • Showcases combat ability by beating the host in 3/8 duels.
  • Has taken on ONE Padawan who achieved the rank of Jedi Knight.
  • Must have 0 infractions and a clean moderation record within the past month.
  • Take a quiz on admin usage and moderation and pass with a 4/5.
  • Answer FOUR scenarios correctly given by the host to test your knowledge on how to solve issues in-game effectively.


  • Approvals can be given out by Jedi Masters and Jedi Councilors.
  • Approvals can only be given out if you complete a legitimate task.
  • Jedi Masters and Jedi Councilors must provide evidence of you completing the tasks when giving out approvals.

Additional Notes

  • Those ranked Jedi Ghost that are not retired councilors will be demoted to Jedi Elder. Those who are retired councilors + honorable ghosts will be demoted to Jedi Spirit. The discord role for Jedi Ghost will stay.
  • If you were in the Jedi Consular, Jedi Guardian, or Jedi Sentinel rank you will be demoted to Jedi Knight but offered the rank of Jedi Battlemaster for a two week period. See announcements for more information.
  • Jedi Battlemasters will have a quota of ONE event per two weeks. They will need a Jedi Master to supervise them and will not receive admin commands.
  • If you retire as a Jedi Battlemaster, you will be placed as a Jedi Knight.
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