The Journey of Oof: A game in the making

Hi, I’m doge and recently I came up with a game idea I’d think to be interesting. I would like you to view and give your honest opinion on it. Thanks for even clicking and considering, too!

everything is subject to change

The Premise
You are an inter-dimensional time traveller whose device was damaged in an accident. You are teleported to a starting location where you begin your journey. The journey to fix your teleporter. In order to do so, however, you need to advance to the Strange Dimension. In order to get to the Strange Dimension, you need to slaughter other players in your game with an arsenal of fun, wacky, themed weapons.


The first location, you arrive and you see a perfectly normal town. Except there are noobs everywhere and players slaughtering each other left and right.
Oof Weapons
Frying Pan: Incapacitate and blocks bullets
Banana: The ultimate boomerang
Staff of Oof: Summons loyal oofers and transform players into oofers
Pitchfork: Pick up your rivals
Potato Bomb Launcher: Explains itself
To advance
Acquire the Staff of Oof and chant into the chat: “Oof, oof, oof, give me the power of All-oof.” This summons a horde of oofers that have to be defeated in order to teleport to the next world.

Medieval Fields

You arrive and instantly a longbow strikes you. Excalibur smacks you. An axe beheads you. The moldy hand grenade rips you apart. Finally, a flail whacks you exactly 12 times; nevermind it’s 13. You respawn and prepare.
The Weapooooooons
Longbow: Shoots a powerful arrow
Excalibur: A sword, but each hit makes a shield around you and the special attack heals and blinds the enemy using pure light
Moldy hand grenade: That cool grenade from the worms. It’s powerful, and definitely non-religious.
Flail: Just spin in a circle
Axe: Chippity Choppity, your head is now my property (heads can be collected for bounty)
To Advance
Defeating 10 knight Npcs and 10 players, and pulling the sword out of the stone lets you summon King Arthur and fight him. Winning lets you use a more powerful Excalibur.

Zen Temple of the Shiba Inu

You arrive and are respectfully greeted. They serve you tea and you start to prepare for the battle. Your rivals do not attack you without your permission (in-game most likely not). As you try to pull a sneaky attack, you are thrown to the ground by a Kung-fu player before getting incapacitated by a direct kick to the head by the Taekwondo dude. When you finally get up, a Katana drives into you and a crossbow bolt lands square in your knees. You realize the worst is yet to come as a Naginata spears you and rocket gun sends you flying into space. But that’s all before the Kung-fu guy uses the special Dogeball attack and sends you into the past dimension.
The Tools of fun
Kung-fu: skillful fighting with hands
Taekwondo: skillful fighting with feet
Katana: Choppity chop, stab, block, stab
Crossbow: Renders people immobile if the bolt hits the upper leg.
Naginata: Cool spear that has flying attack
Rocket gun: Think TABS rockets but more efficient
To Advance
You have to engage in proper duels with 4 players and beat them. There’ll be a proper dueling room. This summons Genji, the wind force of nature but as a humanoid boss. Beating him blows you by wind into the fourth dimension.

To be continued

Would you play?

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  • Perhaps.
  • Not even in another life.

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Also, thanks for sticking through my weird ideas. Hope to update this soon with more weird ideas!


If executed properly it could make for a cool game! :slight_smile:

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I’m a new dev but I got a summer vacation to use on this. Effort = quality.

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Good luck with your game idea. Don’t overwhelm yourself, though.

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I wouldn’t mind helping with little icons here and there, my summer break starts tomorrow anyway.

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Thx, I’ll have to see what I need. I know how to make some basic icons but for the good icons, I might need some help.

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This game is good for a much younger audience. Good luck with your project.


I like your game concept, really interesting.

However, take it lightly but “Journey of Oof” sounds a little to wacky for a game I believe you want to be in the front page. “Oof” is kinda overrated and getting anything but funny.

Remember the title is very important, it’s basically the first glimpse of the game, and you NEED to give a good impression of your game, so people click on it, no?

But again I really like your game concept and wish you the best of luck.


Firstly, I hope you wrote this to just inform us of what game is roughly about, and not actual game lore, because literature-wise, this was written poorly.

Some random criticism on unclear statements and some crucial criticism.

The Premise

This statement is vague and lacks backstory. It seems to be thrown in there when I have no clue how this is relevant.

Is very irrelevant in comparison to the prior sentence. This paragraph is all over the place which makes it hard to understand.

This is a fragment sentence, essentially making no sense.

Introducing new and irrelevant topics, making my head spin.

For future reference, please properly phrase your paragraph. 4/4 of the sentences in this paragraph start with the same word, back-to-back. I am not considering the last “sentence” a sentence; it is a fragment. Also, please stick to one main topic and be as clear as possible.


This paragraph is clearer, however I’m skeptical about how this is the best possible idea. Why would someone summon zombies only to kill them? Perhaps change it to something related to this suggestion:

In order to take the “Staff of Oof”, you must enter a certain building.
This building would indicate it’s special with an eye-catching trait on the exterior.
Once walking in, there is a horde of “oofers” that would be guarding the “Staff of Oof”.
Destroy all “oofers” to claim the “Staff of Oof”.
Use the “Staff of Oof” to advance.

Medieval fields

Prepare to get murdered, or is there a lack of context?

I doubt that Roblox would support this, however the algorithm may promote this since it is not as intelligent as other algorithms. Kind of dark. :ghost:

I wouldn’t recommend making things like this (ie necessary to continue) player-based. This objective lacks creativity in comparison to “Oofville”.
For suggestions, please refer to the following:

Each enemy NPC will carry a listed weapon.
Kill as many enemy NPCs until you gain possession of every weapon from this world.
“Sacrifice” all of your weapons to unleash the sword from the stone.
With the sword, defeat King Arthur to advance.

Zen Temple of Shiba Inu

Almost everything is good, but I recommend you change this.

To fight with your major rival, you need to pass through a room.
This room contains all of the weapons this world offers.
These weapons are constantly firing at you.
You are given a shield, and must deflect a projectile at an oversized lever.
Once this lever is hit, it will open the proceeding door.
With your polished sword from last world, you battle your rivals all at once.

I know it’s random but ehh.


Good luck friend.


Thanks, this is all just a jot-down of ideas (I was on the porcelain throne with my phone) before I forget them. I tried to write as quickly as I can and get all the main points down. It’s all subject to change and I might add a few things tonight. Also, this post got flagged and hidden. I have no idea where I could move this to or what I can change. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I’ll try to incorporate them into the game wherever I can.

Thanks, I’m sure by the time I finish I will find a replacement for the title. I was thinking a simulator title, but this is an RPG-Simulator, that I want to incorporate life-sim into. For now, “Journey of Oof” just sounds like a good code name.

Aye, you could also do that. But there’s still room for improvement!

Don’t worry about the title for now and focus on the development of your game. Good luck!

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If it was a 3d platformer with really nice looking detailed worlds with variety than you’d definitely have my attention!

Also a storyline for this game sounds really interesting, which is another aspect I’d look forward to…

This is super creative and I’m liking it so far! And is there an end to the game? Like when you fix the teleporter and go back to your time period, is that the end of the game? If there is an end, then I’d suggest tweaking this game where there is a story mode (where you fix the teleporter and go back) and a sandbox/infinite mode where you can play without an end and for fun.

Theres no end. Constant new worlds and stuff outta the box of randomness that is my head. Also yeah, players can go back, when they get the teleporter. Else, they have to accelerate at extremely high speeds. So you can punch your friends back into another dimension.

There’ll be platformer stuff but the detailed worlds are definitely doable. However, I am not too great of a builder and I spend my time coding. My friends currently chip in some time but other than that it’s just me and my mediocre building, for now.

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This sounds like a very interesting game you’ve thought of, I can tell this must’ve taken a while to come up with! This could become a great game if you work really hard on it and I’m interested to see where it goes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

it sounds like a very funny joke-game (that’s a compliment) but a few questions

  1. why does Staff of Oof summon a horde of oofers? wouldn’t it be overwhelming a bit for newbies, unless oofers are really weak.

  2. not much explanation how the map works, etc.

  3. given you defeat other players and NPCs, this implies this is a PvPvE game right?

Edit : Ignore point 2


And about the Staff of Oof: Oofers will be extremely weak and are basically just for quick, enjoyable decimation.

Hey Doglord120,

I really like your approach to game-developing. It’s a very creative, storytelling style.
I don’t see enough of story-rich solo games on ROBLOX, so I think this has great potential to becoming a great hit because it has passion behind it and its unique.

Always, execution is key. I think you would really benefit, from a blocky ROBLOX- low poly hybrid style. Of course, build however you like. Anyway, I would love see how this game turns out!