The Killer [Alpha] - Changelog V1.5

|><| Changelog v1.5 - 21/8/19 |><|

New things:

  • Added starting story
  • Added creepy smoke
  • Added camera view change
  • Added auto update changelog board system with scrolling frame
  • Added auto update event board system
  • Added npc luke
  • Added npc bred
  • Added BRAND NEW auto update Poll board system
  • Added notify system

Future ideas:

  • Continue the story
  • Spezial shop items
  • Open Beta!!

About the game:

You can also see the changelogs live in the game on the changelog board. There you can see the last 3 changelogs live updatet. If whe have a event you can see them on the event board in the game. Also you can vote on the game if whe have a poll on our brand new poll system coded by us.

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