The Kingdom of Galerith: New Member's Guide

Galerith: New Member’s Guide


Hi, and welcome to Galerith! This guide has been written to give detail on our kingdom for new members who may not be fully acquainted with the way our group runs. Galerith itself was formed in 2015, and in that time has developed a unique social system, constantly growing, evolving, and modernising with time.

Our group mostly operates in Eastern Standard Time (EST), but we do have many officers and members that live in other timezones.

Houses and Feudalism

Galerith’s feudal model constitutes two roleplay cultures: natives and imperials. In its lore, the land of Galerith was discovered and named by colonists of the Coeurais Empire; the realm’s natives have, therefore, been assimilated over a span of three hundred years. Their culture is mainly based on clans and family tradition, whereas the imperials, similar to our real-life counterparts of the Normans, are inbuilt with law and order, discipline, and respect for divine right.

Galerith’s house system reflects this; imperial houses, which may be found in the more civilised duchies of Traor, wear more plated armour and uphold more chivalrous views. Clans, however, rely on the ways of Galerith of old.

In the main group, you can see that there are Chieftain and Count ranks. These are the people who rule houses (or clans) of their own. Dukes govern whole regions altogether, serving as lieutenants of the king and vessels of his power. To join these houses is optional, but recommended for roleplay.

The Army

The Army of Galerith, a link to which may be found here, is the serving army of Galerith which outranks all houses. People’s ranks (not their roleplay social status) are recorded within.

The Army is led by the Marshal, a senior officer selected by the king.

Information on uniforms (click)

As of March 2020, only house leaders may wear their arms in battle. This will not affect the majority of soldiers, who are expected to wear the following uniforms:

For soldiers of the rank Militiaman:
S: Galerith Levies - Roblox
P: Galerith Levies - Roblox

For soldiers ranked between Guardsman and Footman:
S: Galerith Gambeson - Roblox
P: Galerith Gambeson - Roblox

For soldiers who are either a Man-at-Arms or a Serjeant-at-Arms:
S: Galerith Brigandine - Roblox
P: Galerith Brigandine - Roblox


The path of knighthood in Galerith operates through the Order of the Pine. This old order was founded by the realm’s first king, Edward Evergreen, and serves as the primary basis of Galerithian chivalry.


I hope that this has solidly has set out the principles of our group. If you still have any questions, any high rank should be able to help with your request. Our Discord link is on the Galerith group page, in which you can find the multifarious lore befitting of such an old and distinguished medieval group. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay in Galerith. :slight_smile: