The Knights of RedCliff Official Guide


    • (1) Ranks
    • (2) Trainings and other events
    • (3) Important Points
    • (4) Redcliff-themed Items
    • (5) Locations of Interest
    • (6) Relations
    • (7) Our War
    • (8) Glossary

(1) Ranks (1)

Use this key to understand how this section of the guide is formatted and the roles of each rank of Redcliff.

[1] Apprentice

• [LR] A trainee of RedCliff, they will be given the choice to follow the path of Knights or Archers upon being promoted.

[2] Archer

• [LR] An official soldier of RedCliff that typically prefers the use of a bow over a blade; provides ranged support in combat.

[2] Knight

• [LR] An official soldier of RedCliff, knights are familiar and capable with the use of a variety of melee weaponry.

[3] Elite Archer

• [LR] An upgraded archer unit, Elite Archers are those who have proved they more than know how to use a bow with deadly efficiency.

[3] Drak Knight

• [LR] An upgraded knight unit, Drak Knights show true mastery over the art of combat.

[4] Enchanted Knight

• [MR] The elite combat unit of RedCliff, Enchanted Knights are expected to be masters of both ranged and melee combat; Able to adapt their combat style as the battle demands.

[5] Knight of the Order

• High rank of RedCliff, they are tasked with training our soldiers and keeping order in the group; Typically better with a blade than a bow. Must be hand selected by Commanders of RedCliff.

[5] Master Ranger

• High rank of RedCliff, they are tasked with training our soldiers and keeping order in the group; Typically better with a bow than a blade. Must be hand selected by Commanders of RedCliff.

[] Counselor

• Advisors from other lore-related groups and ROBLOX Staff. This rank is solely for the owners of the other ROBLOX Lore groups and other ROBLOX Staff. It is appointed solely by Sorcus and is unobtainable for normal users.

[6] Legion Commander

•High rank of RedCliff, a Legion Commander is tasked with training our soldiers, keeping order in the group, as well as overseeing other HR’s and participating in major group events, such as the appointment of a new HR.

[7] Elite Commander

• High rank of RedCliff, direct disciple of Sorcus. Elite Commanders are hand chosen only by Sorcus for their ability to lead. Elite Commanders carry out the will of Sorcus while maintaining balance and order within the group.

[8] Wind Walker

• The official title of our leader, Sorcus.

(2) Trainings and other events (2)

This section of the guide will discuss trainings, how promotions work in RedCliff, and other events we have.

2a. Trainings:

High Ranking members of RedCliff (Consult section (1) for a list of high ranks) have the ability to host training on any day of the week at any time of the day. The location and time of a training will be posted via shout a set amount of time before the training session begins.

2b. Training Day:

Training day is every Saturday and Sunday, in which trainings are held all throughout the day, as opposed to only one or two trainings held on any other day. Multiple promotions CANNOT be earned on Training Day, so an Apprentice cannot make it up to Enchanted Knight within the span of a single day.

3b. Other events:

Knights of Redcliff often hosts other events, such as Game’s Night, Recruitment Sessions, and Bard’s Night, a time when group members gather in one game and tell stories, whether they be fiction, or about Redcliff’s older days. There are no set times or days for these events, so check the group shout often!

(3) Important Points (3)

This section of the guide will list several important notions of RedCliff. This will help to keep you from breaking any rules, as well as learn how to become a good member.

3a. Good things to help you be noticed:

• Look like a RedCliff Knight through use of packages or clothing.

• Set the group as your primary.

• Read and understand the content of this guide.

• Kindness, respect, and maturity is always a favorable trait among soldiers.

• Be active, attend trainings when possible, and remain positive.

3b. Things that may end in demotion or exile:

• Spamming.

• Lying.

• Raging.

• Disrespect.

• Repeatedly killing allies.

• Advertising on the group wall.

• Begging to be promoted.

• Asking for donations.

• Re-posting deleted posts – They were deleted for a reason.

• Intentional disobedience.

• Fighting with other members or the high ranks.

• Acting immature.

• Trying to get members to raid other groups.

The list is not limited to what is listed above. There are infinitely many wrongful actions that can result in punishment. In Knights of RedCliff, we strive to be civil to each other first and foremost, and just have fun.

3c. Extra points and notes:

• Please do not ask us to deliver any messages to Sorcus. He is busy with his job at ROBLOX, and we do not want to take his time away from that.

• Please do not post on the wall, trying to get Sorcus’ attention, as the post will be deleted.

Post quality, not quantity. When posting on the group wall, do not make multiple short, one-line posts. If you have a lot to say, post as much as you can in one post, and if it gets cut off, THEN make a second post.

• Regarding RedCliff-related places, you are absolutely free to create anything you wish. However, please do not assume that by plugging in the name “RedCliff” you are given a free pass to advertise on the wall. You may discuss your creations, but there is a fine line between advertising and discussing.

• If any HR of RedCliff is doing something inappropriate, please inform an Elite Commander with proof immediately, and we will take action.

• RedCliff does not impose any uniform restrictions, and thus you are free to wear as you wish. This rule may change within a training, depending upon the trainer’s preference.

• The Knights of RedCliff is a medieval/fantasy war and RP group. We are an official Roblox group to “The Lore” and do not interact with most user-owned groups without Sorcus’ say. Please do not send the group an ally request, it will either be declined or just sit there.

• The group wall is strictly for socializing with other RedCliff members. As such, there is to be no personal drama, or personal posts. Leave it RedCliff related.

• RedCliff does not interact, raid, ally, or train with player-owned groups. Our only allies are Knights of the Splintered Skies and Wizards of the Astral Isles.

• Knights of RedCliff is the official group for any and all things related to Redcliff. We are ROBLOX recognized and canon to the ROBLOX Lore. Any other Redcliff groups are not affiliated with us.

(4) RedCliff-themed Items (4)

This section of the guide will give a list of all the current Official RedCliff items available in the catalog. Some of these items may provide promotion to Knight and/or Archer rank. If you have any of these items, and are an Apprentice, please message a HR (or post on the wall if you can’t message us) for your promotion.

4a. Packages – Owning any of these allows for a promotion to Knight(K) OR Archer(A)

Redcliff Knight

Redcliff Archer

Enchanted Knight of Redcliff

Redcliff Rogue

Richard, Redcliff King

Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Knights of Redcliff: General

Knights of Redcliff: Elite Dragoon

Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Redcliff Elite Commander

4b. Gear – Owning any of these allows for a promotion to Knight(K) OR Archer(A)

(A) Redcliff Wings.

(A) Redcliff Crossbow.

(A) Redcliff Ballista.

(K) Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield.

(K) Knights of Redcliff: Morning Star.

(A) Knights of Redcliff: Bow and Arrow.

(K/A) Knights of Redcliff: Battle Horn.

(K/A) Noble Redcliff Eagle.

(K/A) Redcliff Armored Dog.

(K) Knights of Redcliff Battle Axe.

(K) Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and Shield.

(K) Redcliff Elite Sword.

(K) Redcliff Battleaxe.

4c. Hats – These items will NOT award any promotion;

Redcliff Archer.

Redcliff Cloak.

Redcliff Cowl.

Redcliff Infantry.

Redcliff Enforcer.

Redcliff Guard.

Redcliff Pendant.

Redcliff Lord.

Redcliff Courage Bearer.

Enchanted Redcliff Squire.

Redcliff Winged Ninja Knight.

Redcliff Wall Smasher.

Cowled Overlord of the Redcliff Knights.

Redcliff Royalty.

Winged Helm of the Redcliff Elite.

Redcliff Elite Knight Pauldrons.

Honored Redcliff Crown.

Redcliff Renegade.

Redcliff Back Shield.

Redcliff Back Lance.

BotM: September Redcliff Bandana.

Redcliff Helmet With Hair.

Redcliff Shoulder Falcon.

Redcliff Elite Knight Noble Lightning Force.

Honored Redcliff Cadet.

Redcliff Hero Cape.

4d. While these items ARE Redcliff related and bear the Redcliff symbol, they’re not medieval related;

Redcliff Rabbit.

Redcliff Shades.

Redcliff Lapel Pin.

Redcliff Cap.

Redcliff Headphones.

(5) Locations of Interest (5)

The Knights of RedCliff have multiple high quality locations, but this section of the guide will contain a short list of key locations in which we frequent and/or use.

Knights of Redcliff Meeting Hall.

Knights of Redcliff Training Outpost Blistersand.

Redcliff Indoor Training Facility.

Redcliff Training Outpost RedTerra.

Knight of Redcliff Outpost Frostshill.

Redcliff Training Outpost BloodStone.

Knights of Redcliff Outpost Valor.

Knights of Redcliff Fort Honorguard.

Knights of Redcliff Outpost Red Canyon.

Outpost Sabrecrest.

5a. While these places are no longer used and are now defunct, they are still worth mentioning and visiting, as they were made by previous Elite Commanders who’ve long since retired

Redcliff Training Outpost BloodStone.

Redcliff City.

Knights of Redcliff Capital City Redwick.

(6) Relations (6)

This section of the guide will give a list of all current relations regarding lore-related groups as of this point. Please note that, while some factions may be labeled hostile, this does not necessarily mean war has yet been declared. Hostile actions against said factions are SEVERELY PROHIBITED until notified otherwise.

Knights of the Splintered Skies; Allies

Wizards of the Astral Isles; Allies

Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum; Neutral

DarkAge Ninjas; Neutral

Korblox’s Empire; Hostile

Samurai; Undetermined: No official group at date of publish.

(7) Our War (7)

As it currently stands, there are no plans to officially go to war with Korblox’s Empire. We need Sorcus’ approval and input first.

The following section of the guide contains a list of ROBLOX blog posts in chronological order that can give a better understanding of “The Lore” referred to in section (3c).

Please note that, as mentioned in Section (6), any hostile actions described in these posts do not necessarily mean we are in active war. Any hostile actions performed unless authorized directly by an Elite Commander or Sorcus himself will be treated with punishment.

Prelude to the War.

First mention of Redcliff and a look at our weapons.

First mention of the DarkAge Ninjas.

Details on Korblox’s weapons.

First mention of Knights of the Splintered Sky.

The Wizards’ last stand and their weapons.

Fall of the Wizards’ Tower.

More information on Korblox’s weapons.

First mention of the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum.

(Only the section concerning the Emerald Knights is relevant)

More details on the DarkAge Ninjas and their current whereabouts.

Need more info?

Read the descriptions for relating gear, hats, and packages. Searching “Redcliff”, “Korblox”, “Splintered Skies” and so forth in the catalog is a great place to start. Some items may take heavy searching to find, however.

(8) Glossary (8)

This section of the guide will give a list of commonly used abbreviations and their terms.

KoR = Knights of RedCliff

RC = RedCliff

KotSS = Knights of the Splintered Skies

WAI = Wizards of the Astral Isles

EKotSS = Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum

EA = Elite Archer

DK = Drak Knight

EK = Enchanted Knight

MR = Master Ranger

KotO = Knight of the Order

LC = Legion Commander

EC = Elite Commander

HR = High Rank

RP = Role Play

SF = Sword Fight

PM = Personal Message

If you have any comments or questions regarding this guide, or The Knights of RedCliff in general, please message any HR of RedCliff, and we will do our best to answer them.

-The13thHippie, Elite Commander of Redcliff.


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