The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities | Last Minute Positions

The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities

A Government Anomaly Containment Facility

We are currently hiring professional personnel to help command the facility.

Free Ranking Position offers will stop beginning on May 11th!

About us


The following positions are being offered

  • Director of Medical Department
  • Director of Professors Division
  • Inspector of Intelligence
  • Deputy Director position availiable in all divisions except Research Division.


  • Research Division
  • Professors Division
  • Hazmat Control Unit
  • Medical Department
  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Security Department
  • Special Forces
  • Intelligent Command


  • Has a working Discord account
  • Professionalism at all times whether it is in Discord or In game
  • 13+ on ROBLOX and in real life (Don’t want 8 year olds applying for HR positions with safechat)
  • Has past high ranking leadership experience
  • Has read the Autorank Agreement
  • Has read the Facility Laws

What we expect from you

  • A general divisional structure or ORBAT (preferably google sheets)
  • A tryout sheet
  • An informational docx explaining what the division is about to newcomers
  • Other docx you want to put into the division (If you get the position you technically own the division so do whatever you want)

How to apply

  • Send a direct message to White_Plain#8140 or here on developer forum (slower reply if you message me here on developer forum)

Don’t come asking me for developer positions.

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