The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities | Recruitment

The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities

We are currently hiring professional personnel to help command the facility.

About us

The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities

We are a Government Anomaly Containment Facility here to contain the entities from the ROBLOX community.

These are the following divisions in the LEF. Please keep in mind before applying.

  • Security Department
  • Special Forces
  • Hazmat Control Unit
  • Intelligent Command
  • Professors Division
  • Research Division
  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Medical Department


What we expect from you

  • A general divisional structure or ORBAT (preferably google sheets)
  • A tryout sheet
  • An informational docx explaining what the division is about to newcomers
  • Other docx you want to put into the division (If you get the position you technically own the division so do whatever you want)

How to apply

  • Send a direct message to White_Plain#8140 or here on developer forum (slower reply if you message me here on developer forum)
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