The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities | Recruitment

The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities

Note: All previous posts are now outdated

We are currently hiring professional personnel to help command the facility.

About us

The Laboratories of Experimental Facilities

We are a Government Anomaly Containment Facility here to contain the entities from the ROBLOX community.

These are the following divisions in the LEF. Please keep in mind before applying.

If you wish to see if your position is still active, see if someone else has already taken the divisional position in the divisional group! Hurry before your position is taken! Work up as a Board Director to LEFHQ!


What we expect from you

  • A general divisional structure or ORBAT (preferably google sheets)
  • A tryout sheet
  • An informational docx explaining what the division is about to newcomers
  • Other docx you want to put into the division (If you get the position you technically own the division so do whatever you want)

How to apply

  1. Communication Server Link - Verify using the provided bot and DM White_Plain#8140
  2. @ExpiredCereal0 - DM me for any information you need, discord is still required

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