The Last Days - Roblox's newest post-apocalyptic open-world experience

Pretty sic stuff hope the development goes smoothly

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Honestly cant wait for this games release

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I can’t wait either :smile: Should have a demo version out within the next week!

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This looks really cool! The last days looks like something I would really enjoy, and it sounds like you have a solid team put together.

I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out :slight_smile:

Wow excellent! Definitely going to be checking this out when it releases


We decided to redo the city layout.

Demo map coming soon!!


Who is the current programmer?

This is the best thing I’ve seen on Roblox and I think my obsession with post-apocalyptic games/theme also plays a part haha! These screenshots so amazing, and I cannot wait to explore the game when it comes out! Finally got something to look forward to!

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Thank you ! <

We’re opening a demo soon so just check back here


Major progress!!


Looks so stunning! Can’t wait to play it!!!

Does it have like, custom quality settings? like disable Global Shadows, add fog or even reduce textures? I can’t play games like this because my pc is a crap

Are you guys going to use dynamic skies when it is completed and releases?


hi mer tld is very cool yes yes very mature

now post the new stuff mer hurry up

hey you’re the guy that got mad cuz i didnt call your stuff realistic lol

Nice map

Loads of detail thrown in.
Can’t wait for it to release :+1:

im a tester for the game and yea it is pretty detailed both the streets and interiors

Nicee. Looks cool from the photos

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