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Public Relations

What is the public relations department?

The public relations department are the team who are in charge of events and alliances. They run everything which is to do with the public. The public relations department is also known as the PR team or the PR department to make it shorter to type/say. This department is one of the most important due to it being on the front lines of the theatre and represent the theatre as a whole.

Who is part of the PR team?

In this section you can find out who is on the PR team! Our PR team consists of the HR - SR team with a VP and President as the head of this department. If you need to contact anyone to do with alliances then you can find the team below.

Head of department

  • jayz2929

Assistant Head of department


Department Overseer

  • Matt313943

Public Relation Staff

  • Towerofhellfan6
  • MJbings

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