The Lost Alleyway | Showcase

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:mega: Personal Message

Hii! This was a commission I personally loved doing… I love this neon style of Japan!! The indoors are SORTA bad, but just don’t look in there!! Look outside, and enjoy the cool breeze…

:page_facing_up: Showcase Details

Tokyo’s hidden, lost, and run-down alleyway is also one of the most lively… From the neon signs on every corner you turn, to the lights and wet windows, this alleyway is a humble home.

:camera_flash: Game Thumbnails

:building_construction: Credits

All other models are made by ME! Sojacheo! :relaxed:
Decals and textures are made with Procreate and from the internet. :globe_with_meridians:

:bar_chart: Stats

Parts: 5k+
Voxels: 170+
Instances: 23k+
Time Taken: 2 weeks (3/27/22-4/11/22)