The Lost Land | Showcase

Link: The Lost Land - Rebellion2895

Portfolio: Portfolio - Rebellion2895

The GUI was partially the main focus! Everything in the game was made by me, the GUI was made using a Plugin, still counts as me making it!

In advance, thanks for your feedback!


I love it! So vibrant, the cursor is a very cool touch, and the trees look so nice!

Iā€™m jealous! :triumph:

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Thank you for your feedback! For the trees, I just modelled a pine tree, rotated it a few times and wabaam!

No need to be jealous :flushed:

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Thank you Airzy_Az for the nice comment in game, and thank you for the Donation!

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I have added a Pond to the game!

Thank you ralnbowdanfan8 and xMas_Ier for donating! It means a lot!

No problem! You deserve it for how much effort you put into your builds.

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Thank you! It really means a lot, especially to small builders like me!

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Added a List of Donators! If you have donated, contact me and I will add your name.

This Showcase is now finished! I will now be finishing my Commissions as well as another Showcase!