The Lost Souls ; Stuck Mid Development - Need Ideas

so i’m ‘working’ on a new horror game which i’ve been having hard times every now n then on what to do to make it ‘make sense’ , i’ve put together logic for the game so some things aren’t by me , mostly did backend of the game.

Game Idea: 2 Teams; one is Humans two is Souls , which are r15 human-like monsters , Humans would have to kill souls , but Soul players would have to make ‘humans’ jumpscare , the idea in my head looks way better than the speedruned idea below , but every suggestion about ui , animations etc would help be continue as i haven’t seen a game like that atm , thanks :sad:

link game: The Lost Soul - Roblox

I hope i chose right category to ask , if so correct , next time i’ll know.

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