The Manokit Group - Staff Guidelines

Group Link: The Manokit Group - Roblox

Staff Rules should be followed at all times!

General Rules:

  1. Use your mind, be kind!
    Be thoughtful and formal when dealing with situations or events.

  2. Do not mess around
    Messing around being annoying as a staff member makes members annoyed. Don’t use restricting commands that hinder the playing experience for members. This includes killing members and blocking players from chatting and moving them around.

  3. No Drama
    Do not cause any drama of any kind for members or anyone.

  4. Kicking & Banning
    Do not kick or ban until you are sure of them being a spammer/scammer/hater. Avatars don’t mean anything! Must be based off of actions they’ve done and how severe it is.

  5. Keep an Image
    Remember just because a higher-ranking member isn’t around, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the rules. This also goes for members when there aren’t any staff around. (You are allowed to change your team to Member/Visitor)

  6. Members aren’t excused
    Do not just single out visitors as doing everything wrong. Members can do stuff wrong too. So can Staff. No one is exempt from rules (Except for managers)

  7. Do not change Character Appearances.
    Do not use morph or btools commands to change a member’s avatar.

  8. No Alts.
    If you join the group with an alt account, you cannot get ranked as Staff role. You will only be permitted 1 account on staff at one time.

Group & Website:

  1. Do not rank random people to random roles, follow the role names so if a member is a manokit, ask them what type of manokit (Holoholo - Feral, Beach Dweller - Semi-Anthro, and Tribal - Very Human-Like), and if a member is not specifically a manokit, but a furry then rank them as Furry. If they aren’t furry but support then rank them as Furry Supporter. If they are not a furry or ally, then keep them in Non furry.
    Avatars do not contradict orientation. Ask the member or look for if they message in the wall. If they don’t message then look at their account descriptions and or inventory for avatar item that coincides with manokit of furry Affilia.

  2. Mod & Admin May rank members to only Manokit and below! For donated and staff roles, a manager must be notified as of right now.

  • Note:
    I (@winer002) have hopes for an automatic system and rank bot soon.

Specific Rules (If there is any):

Policy on using Btools:
  • Do not build over and lock players in unless they agree with it.
  • Do not edit player’s avatars!
  • Do not ruin any buildings or structures.
  • Do not build whole maps that lag and cause stress on the server.
  • Do not give btools to any members what-so-ever.

All breaks of this policy can result in an immediate demotion without trial or notice.

Specific Staff Role Rules:


No specific details yet.

  • Do not use scripts or require back door exploits.

No specific details yet.