The Meme Machine // Update Log

The Meme Machine // Update Log

Game Description:

The Meme Machine is a fun, memey game inspired by The Normal Elevator and The Meme RV, where every 30 seconds a new meme-inspired map will appear outside the machine. Every time a map ends, (each map varies in time) the player earns one point, which can be used to buy items from an in-game store. The objective of the game is to earn as many points as possible while having fun at the same time.

Alpha 0.1

Added intermission songs
Added 1 new map

  • Mine Diamonds

Redid Lobby

Alpha 0.1.1

Added ability to change intermission songs for the price of 5 points

Added motion lines to radio to indicate sound

Added 2 new maps

  • Black Hole
  • Megalovania

Fixed 4 map bugs
Fixed the bug where certain intermission songs going after intermission