The most advanced ragdoll physics on roblox (euphoria ragdoll)

Hello. after the huge success of an old euphoria game that i made.
I decided to make a newer one and name it Cs euphoria ragdoll lite.

what is this game about?
this game is just a normal ragdoll game but it has a realistic physics and animation.
it has blood effects, visual effects, screams, and a lot of other stuff

i will keep updating the game and adding more stuff!

here’s the game link: CS Euphoria Ragdoll II LITE - Roblox

also i’m sorry if this post has some grammar issues.


The game is pretty good. I wouldn’t call it the most realistic or advanced ragdoll system on roblox though.


yeah true, but on roblox exist only basic ragdolls. (95%)

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I legit turned into a god and glitched under the map

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what you really did for get under the funni map?
also you should check settings, that gear icon next to the chat icon