The name or description contains inappropriate text. (when its not)

so, I’m trying to change my game’s name to something that contains the word “Bourne”, it means A goal or destination, but I’m unable to do so. It shows the text “The name or description contains inappropriate text.” And I’m having difficulties with this.


Maybe roblox doesn’t allow word Bourne for some reason try to put spaces in between the word like B o u r n e maybe that will work

Urne sounds sus, so I don’t suggest you to have that



The non-archaic meaning is some sort of creek, but it’s also someone’s last name. Of course Roblox is going to filter a last name when the only other meanings are obscure.


Might be wrong, but Roblox may think you are referencing to a real life place (in this case, Bournemouth). Although, Roblox doesn’t really filter my cities name.

@Megalodox_Official and @Ty_Scripts’ responses could be the reason as well.

I see. Is there any solution? I must use Bourne. There isn’t any other option avail to me.

You could email Roblox support and ask for a filter exception for your game(incredibly rare, but I’ve heard it happen before)

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Try changing it in studio, or checking the description.