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Beginning in 2009 the Roblox Mafia Community has existed and has been one of the most recognized communities on Roblox to this day. One of the things that the community has originated around is eliminating their enemies through the process known as “whacking.” The first recognized user to establish any rules for the community was CaptainPrice321 within the Roblox Forums, but ever since the shutdown of the forums there was a loss of what was truly allowed and what was not, thus no one could conclude how whacking was legitimately done leading to many variants of whacking rules.

The National Council was established in 2016 with the assistance of current bosses in the community to outline rules viewed as fair and as close to the original ones as possible and to also pinpoint all the accurate ways to whack an individual. There have been others who have attempted to “fix” or “make new rules” after the 2016 approval but failed to form a consensus and have only put personal biases at the forefront instead of community equality. This newest document has been created to outline every single rule, past, present and future with enough information to understand and to adapt them to today’s issues and standards. These rules are created to ensure fairness within the community and to agree on the rights and wrongs with longevity of this document viewed as a key aspect so other variants do not have to be made half-yearly or yearly as done previously.


“Whacking” e.g; Clips/Run Ups/Hits

Whacking is the process of eliminating an individual through murder. They are used as a means to eliminate someone from the Mafia Community.

Whacking may be done through a recording and uploaded to YouTube, a screenshot uploaded to YouTube, or a Decal on ROBLOX.

However, there are regulations placed to ensure that a whack was not done to be faked, or cheated to gain an unfair advantage over other players, the rules listed below shall define all the rules to make a whack legitimate.


What makes it official?

  1. Whacks shall only be valid at genre related games, meaning anything that is realistic to the real world unless the description of their game says otherwise. Genre related games may include roleplay towns that use the ROBLOX default leaderboard, individually owned social clubs, bars, night clubs, and anything else related to that matter.
    Whacks will not be valid in any military or medieval genre games, or anything affiliated with military wars. Anything related to military war type scenarios such as “D-Day” or “Game of Thrones Battlegrounds” are also prohibited.

  2. Whacks must be performed with realistic weapons that accurately represent the community. This means anything unrealistic as a weapon will not work (e.g; Ray Guns, Railguns, Laser Rifles, etc…).
    The weapons that you use must also be logical, meaning anything like a nuke or an RPG-7 at point blank would be illogical and nullifying the hit.

  3. All shooters that are involved in the shooting cannot be godded (given invincibility), as no one realistically cannot die. However to ensure safety, users are able to name themselves to identify each shooter and to avoid being whacked, the name cannot be hidden however due to in-game administrators being able to do :char [user] [Player ID].
    When whacking somebody, having audits of the messages, the game description, and the time/date that it occurred can ensure more evidence is clear to display that they are whacked.

  4. All whacks must be conducted on main accounts. Alternate accounts will result in the whack being invalid if they are the only shooter, even if their main account is not whacked. The only exception to this rule is when the main account is terminated from ROBLOX and the individual needs to create or use a new account. This will also mean that alternate accounts that are whacked does not make main accounts whacked since whacking on alternate accounts is prohibited, even if you linked it to the main. To determine an alternate account, these pre-requirements are now instituted to ensure alternate account whacking is null and void.

  • The user’s account must at least be one month old by the date of the whack
  • The user’s account must have at least 1 page of “Player Badges” (10 Player Badges).
  1. Administrative commands shall be limited when conducting whacks, you should only use them to provide tools, play audio and name people. Using the admin to your advantage (such as using :kill, :teleport or :smite) is restricted.

  2. Safeties are used as an archive of whacks, and they shall be done by date. The sooner you upload the safety to YouTube or on ROBLOX, the better. This means that if you upload a whack on somebody, but they have the safety of you displayed on an earlier date, that makes you out of luck.

  3. Whacks must always display the default ROBLOX health bar, the username of the individual on the leaderboard and escape menu, and now will also require both the ROBLOX Escape Menu playerlist and the default leaderboard. All whacks must also display the killer’s weapon to prevent random screenshots. The health of the individual must clearly display “0 HP”, and the avatar must break apart in-order for it to be valid. This means that if the user dies, and a ragdoll is used, the whack is invalid.

  4. The use of exploits to conduct a whack shall always be banned, even if it’s just to give yourself a tool. Exploits cause an unfair advantage and is against the Terms of Service.

  5. If you upload a whack, and then remove it through the means of deletion, that whack is invalidated indefinitely and cannot be re-used/re-uploaded. Re-uploaded whacks shall be considered invalid if evidence is displayed that it was re-uploaded on a different date from the original.*

  • Refer to section five in Common Misconceptions
  1. Display names* will never be in effect towards whacking, and shall always go under the Username (@USERNAME) of the player. Display names* are merely a feature that ROBLOX instillated to give players more “free-will” on their names displayed on the leaderboard, however This Thing of Ours shall honor the usernames instead of display names.*


  1. Once you are whacked, you are defined as “eliminated” in the Mafia Community indefinitely. However if the shooter ever decides to make it invalid, you may return.

  2. If you are not associated or affiliated with any organizations when being whacked, it is recommended that you depart from the Mafia Community.

  3. You are suggested that if you can get into an agreement with your shooter to invalidate your whack, to take that to your advantage. These agreements may allow your “resurrection” in the community.

  4. If you get whacked once, don’t try and multiply the whacks on your name. This will reduce your chances of getting resurrected.

  5. Videos on the Unlisted and Private view are not invalid contrary to those who believe that if a video is not Public but taken down to the Unlisted/Private view then it is invalid, this is false due to the video still existing and still being uploaded to YouTube via the same link as when first initially uploaded. The only difference between the two is unlisted only allows those with the link to view the video and private only allows the uploader to view it. The only similarity is that they both cannot be searched via the search bar on YouTube. They may only be invalid if the whacking rules were not followed (invalidated by the rules), titled invalid (per the shooters request as the shooter controls the whack) or completely deleted from YouTube (an actual re-upload, not a change of the upload date of the same video with the same link that was originally uploaded with the same link before the change of upload date due to a view switch)

  • Example: If a video uploaded on March 5th as Public or Unlisted is switched to Private on March 20th and then switched back to Public on March 31st and the upload date changes, will it be counted as a re-upload and rendered invalid?

  • Answer: The answer to that is yes and no. Yes being if you cannot provide evidence that the video was originally uploaded before YouTube changed the upload date when you selected the Private video view to be changed to a Public view. No it will not be invalid if you can provide evidence that the same video with the exact same link was uploaded BEFORE the upload date was changed when switching from Private to Public.

  • Note: The upload date does change when switching from Unlisted to Public & Private to Public. Do not run under the ideology that a changed upload date from a viewing permission switch renders the video invalid unless you are 100% certain the video was DELETED and actually re-uploaded, acting within this ideology will render your opinion null as you are ignorant of the situation. When retitling a video to invalid it is HIGHLY suggested the shooter uploads the video to prevent another from retitling their video as invalid without the shooters permission and causing headache. Remember only the rules and the shooter dictate what is invalid.


  1. Random Whacking was a common defense to make their whack invalid, however this is not recognized nor exists. Anyone may whack anyone as long as it follows the Whacking Rules.

  2. Labeling your games description to define if whacks are valid or invalid must be clearly defined, and cannot be changed for hand-picked individuals or groups. This means that your game is either valid or invalid. Labeling a game’s description to “unless said otherwise” or “except for those in [GROUP]” is not recognized.
    Switching your game from whacks valid to invalid shall also declare the whacks conducted there null, and will turn that game into a neutral zone meaning you may no longer whack there. You may however define your game with incorrect spelling to throw individuals off, so changing I’s to L’s may work in the “whacks valid” favor.

  3. Commissions and higher powers may not alter the universal rules of whacking, they may only outline their own affairs, and the only entity that may invalidate a whack is the shooter and the rules.

  4. Spawn whacking is prohibited, meaning if they still have a forcefield or in the air while loading in and they are killed, the whack becomes null. You may whack however once their force field is off and they have loaded into the game.


  1. If a family member is whacked by another member of the family, no one may commit murder for revenge unless the boss gives permission.

  2. No one may present themselves directly to a “friend of ours” that is not in the same family. A third party who is also a “friend of ours” must introduce the two.

  3. Never be seen or affiliated with cops.

  4. Appointments should be treated with the utmost respect.

  5. Whenever you are questioned by those above you, you must always be truthful.

  6. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.

  7. Members shall not be allowed to discuss family business to non-affiliated members.

  8. Do not feud inside your family, show members the respect that you would like to recieve.


All individuals are obligated to avoid interfering with another individual’s business of others, and should not inform any peace officer or the authorities of a crime under any circumstances. Even if somebody is convicted of a crime he has not committed, he is meant to serve the sentence without giving the authorities any information that ties to the real criminal, even if that criminal had nothing to do with This Thing of Ours. Breaking the code of silence is punishable by death with zero exceptions.


Inside your family, being “made” is the highest honor and one of the highest titles within a family. It is a system that welcomes individuals inside the family and lets the individual being made acknowledge that they are trusted and welcomed inside the family. To become made, associates are handpicked and vouched by numerous inside members in the family, as well as being around for a minimum of three months prior to considering having them formally inducted. Once an associate is fully inducted, they are deemed untouchable inside your family and they should not freely disrespect inducted members nor should members openly disrespect one another. All made men may say whatever they wish to an associate unless the boss says otherwise.


This strictly applies to those involved with La Cosa Nostra Crews/Families and Ndrangheta, Camorra, Stidda, and Sacra Corona Unita clans.

As the head of the family, please do not label yourself as Godfather. Hitman and Enforcer ranks should also not exist within your ranks. A low level associate and/or a Made Man can both be “Hitmen”. Anyone who is not Made is an associate if you are not an officially inducted member.


This is placed here as a memorium.

  1. No-one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

  2. Never look at the wives of friends.

  3. Never be seen with cops.

  4. Don’t go to pubs and clubs.

  5. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife’s about to give birth.

  6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.

  7. Wives must be treated with respect.

  8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

  9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.

  10. People who can’t be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn’t hold to moral values.

Omertà, “The Code of Silence”

A person should absolutely avoid interfering in the business of others and should not inform the authorities of a crime under any circumstances (though if justified he may personally avenge a physical attack on himself or on his family through the use of vendetta). Even if somebody is convicted of a crime he has not committed, he is supposed to serve the sentence without giving the police any information about the real criminal, even if that criminal has nothing to do with the Mafia himself. Within Mafia culture, breaking omertà is punishable by death.


Authors of the Document

CarryHer, Board Member, Caporegime of Montanari, Document Writer
LorenzoMontanari, Listener, Capo Crimine of Montanari, Document Writer
JohnAvanzo, Listener, Boss of Kansas City

Ratified by the following bosses of The National Council

TedescoBavarese, Capo della società of La 'Ndrangheta
VincentCarfano, Don of La Famiglia Carfano
LouieCanicatti, Capo Bastone of La Famiglia Montanari
AngeloBersagliano, Don of La Famiglia Bersagliano
DarioBufalino, Don of La Famiglia Bufalino
NeroBufalino, Don of La Famiglia Bufalino
HashimotoYamhata, Oyabun of Ichiwakai
SalvatoreSabella, Don of La Famiglia Sabella


This is a roleplay community, and we do not endorse any type of real-crime whatsoever. Abide by the Roblox Terms of Service at all times.