The (New) Anchor Problem

I know this question may seem really, really basic, but hear me out:

In the past, when I wanted to arrange some parts, I would anchor them, and move them with the “Move” tool. Pretty simple, right?

However, now, whenever I am trying to build, I am having some problems. I don’t know if this is some new Studio feature I don’t know how to control, something out of Roblox Beta testing, but I cannot move parts that are anchored. Furthermore, whenever I move around 25-50% of models that aren’t anchored, they flip in the side I am moving them to.

So if I wanted to arrange some parts now, I would need to unanchor them, move them with the “Move” tool, and then Rotate them, possibly Scale them, instead of just simply moving an anchored version of that tool and this being extremely simple.

Is there any way to fix / handle this? I know that Transform may do the trick, but this is just getting plain irritating with my current habits.


I’ve experienced this before and the most common reason for this behavior is accidentily turning on the IK Dragger. Have you disabled the “Constraits” (IK Dragger?) option?


Yep. As the other poster said, disable this option:



Oh wow!

I think I turned it on by accident. Thank you both so much for helping.

This was seriously annoying me, I was steps away from running my computer out the window :smile:

Certainly bothering for people that are using Studio for the first time.

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You could just run this in the Command Bar

for _,v  in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
	if v:IsA('BasePart') and v.Name ~= 'NoAnchor'  then
		v.Anchored = true


If there are moving parts then you might have to sort it out but that code would Anchor every Basepart in the workspace that is not named ‘NoAnchor’ if that’s what you need.


I legit accidentally click that so much lol.

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If that was the Solution hit the Solution so that if others have the same problem they can find the solution thanks.

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