The new output may lag the game

i am working on a new animate script, and for debugging it i am using a print everyframe of the game with the runservice to print a simple string, and i notice that the new output stacks the same string and you can open that stack to see each one, but when that stack become big enought it can lag the studio, and when i clean the output the lag disappears

is it happening with someone else?

I believe this is a bug with studio, as thus having a large tree in Explorer creates the same effect. For methods of bypassing, maybe print every 1/10 of a second or 1/2 of a second instead of every frame?

yea, me either, because with the old output i could print a lot more than 60 times per second without lagging

i think that will be the solution by now, until roblox fix it, thx

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