The new Roblox 64-bit Byfron client forbids Wine users from using it. (Most likely unintentional)

I’ve been watching this thread since hour zero, and it’s something I strongly agree. Thank you @Bitdancer. Thank you so much.

When I made the thread Community Feedback should be part of the decision making process, this was the sort of thing that was missing, the act of communication.

While it’s not publicly said, there’s a good reason why employees like @BitwiseAndrea and @peraldon are so renowned and praised by the community (even if implicitly), it’s that they communicate with our community and we communicate back. It’s not something we not taken entirely for granted.

As a Linux user, it is unfortunate that this is the case that Linux support is put on hold this way but I feel something different, that someone out there does care even if it’s not today. Does the thread need a good clean? Oh boi it does.


Been reading this thread, @Bitdancer has been very helpful and love the useful questions!

Not sure if this has been asked yet but when will 100% of players receive the 64 bit clients? I have a game demo that uses extremely detailed textures to the point where it reaches more than 6gb of ram!
And I was wondering how many users are 32-bit users? I assume less than or near 0.05% (based off steam hardware survey of march 2023).


the byfron team has the most professional corporate environment ever!

I believe this is a sign that they’re rolling it out to more people? I don’t believe I’ve had this other than the few times I’ve intentionally switched over to the ‘zwinplayer64’ channel.


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may it rest : - (


Figured I’d post an update here: rbxfpsunlocker has been updated with support for the new client. Releases · axstin/rbxfpsunlocker · GitHub


This is also incorrect and misinformative. Again, please do not post irrelevant, speculative content.


As a security nerd myself, kernel level access creates a massive security risk. I’d rather not have a RING 0 program on my computer because it’s effectively a root kit. Hopefully we don’t need a kernel level anticheat


So much for anti-cheat eh, blocking an entire userbase because your revolutionary anti-cheat doesn’t like it, how corporate. (Can’t wait @3dsboy08 to do the funny work and somehow bypass the wine block of course, what else?)


Is there anywhere to discuss 64 bit roblox client? I’m not sure if I should ask here since this is a bug report.

I’m just curious if we will be able to use more than 6 GB of RAM? I noticed that lots of PBR texture instances result in using more than 6 GB of RAM (I am new to using them so I’m unsure if there is a better method or if my textures are just intensive).

Please create a new topic in

With the release of the Steam Deck, it’s a shame that it’s completely unable to play Roblox – I’m aware that Linux systems (ChromeOS, SteamOS, Mint, etc.) only take up ~8% total market share, but it would be so nice to be able to natively play Roblox on Linux.

It gets better, they have a whole video on the boasting about moving experience servers to ubuntu.

Locking out linux/VM users under a generic “security and compatibility concerns” holds no candle here. There is just no excuse to treat a subset of the roblox community as exploiters or malicious actors when entire experience servers run on linux.


The move from Windows Server 20XX to Linux is their only best move as Windows Server 20XX is a paid operating system so Roblox is required to pay annually to keep their license up to keep Game Servers running. while Linux is a free operating system that you don’t have to pay for just to host Game Servers.

Plus, its the most popular option for most Hosting Services as its easier to setup, the performance of Linux is much better and much more secure than Windows Server 20XX as Linux.


When you say server authoritative games are you meaning that developers should make anti-cheats out of Lua scripts and other components in studio? If so then in my opinion a proper anti-cheat like Hyperion is far more powerful and has the advantage of detecting exploits and even injections which anti-cheats in studio cannot do, I do believe that effective anti-cheats can be made in studio with good examples from the games like the streets and jailbreak and these effective anti-cheats could even work great with Hyperion therefore it should probably be staying then.

I also disagree on the anti-cheat being intrusive as it’s not intrusive by nature since on the previous version of Byfrons website before they were purchased by Roblox it listed support for Windows, Linux and steam deck so it does have support for wine, it would only be intrusive for you if the blockage of wine was actually something that was intended to be blocked when the anti-cheat was first being created.

Anti-cheats on the server… is just validating (also put under the term sanitizing) what is sent from the client.
This is normal practice for anyone who works in web development. You validate that the form was correct, for example. This concept can very much be applied to game development as well.
Hyperion will be bypassed, because one, the exploiting market is lucrative on Roblox, secondly everything on the client can and will be changed to the user’s desires. You don’t even need to be playing with the official Roblox client, somebody could be pretending to be one over the network.

There are a few gotchas with the way Roblox replicates changes (most recently being patched being the deletion of character parts) which aren’t very obvious to new developers, but also: we have forum threads, we have the page… We could educate new developers that these things are possible, and they should secure themselves against it. No client-side anti-cheat is going to stop them when they step around it.

I do agree that I was misinformed on it being intrusive - but at the same time, when you live in a world where AAA titles like to put the sketchiest things on ring zero, it doesn’t help to be a little paranoid for what could come next.

Edit: I’d also like to add discussion about such topics should probably be in a separate thread at this point…