The New Roblox | I Remade Roblox's Games Page On GravitDesign

Well I remade Roblox’s Games page, except it’s way better than the one right now. I’m new to GravitDesign, so this took like an hour. I tried to make the format of it really similar to Roblox in fact I literally tried to make it the same. Anyways here’s the picture.


At first for the Robux & the Roblox icon I was going to just use an image, but then thought I’d just make it anyways. Below is the comparison between my remake and Roblox’s


The real one for Roblox’s Icon, couldn’t find a proper white png one so its just a black background jpg one that I found, and just put it like that. Also you might or might not have noticed that I didn’t add the games rating and amount of players, I just didn’t bother doing it :put_litter_in_its_place:.

Anyways That’s It Thanks For Reading. :grin:

Edit: Forgot to say that on the top bar, I didn’t add the “Robux” because there wasn’t enough space.

Stay Tuned I’ll be making remakes of other games as well.

Wow! I’d gotta say, great job on making this! It’s very close to the real thing!

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