The new theme "Roblox Dark" doesn't allow you to change theme

This occurred when I wanted to see what the new theme was. Upon switching it over to “Roblox Dark”, I found that I could not switch back to a different theme. Although I can use the drop done box to view other themes, I cannot switch to them.

Browser information:


It’s not the “Dark” theme, it’s the “Roblox Dark” theme.

Unless it’s an A/B test…

What do you mean by this?

Do you have any extensions?

Just uBlock Origin, nothing that messes around with page colors.

I have this theme as well, and can also confirm this bug. In my case the drop down simply won’t drop down. I am on the latest version of DiscourseHub (iPhone SE 2, iOS 14.8)

(This theme is very nice, by the way)


Just tried to use the drop down, and it seems to work on occasions with this theme. Further, the “expand” button doesn’t seem to work either.

On an unrelated note, what is with the final selection under “other”? Not sure if it’s related to the theme, but I didn’t notice it earlier. Either way, it doesn’t seem like [en.user.disable_jump_reply] is intentionally put there.

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Can confirm this is the case on mobile too. However, you can still switch theme via the hamburger menu as a workaround.

Application version: Chrome 94.0.4606.71
Operating system: Android 11; Pixel 4 XL Build/RQ3A.211001.001

it seems to be only this page which is having issues. font size and language drop downs are also broken

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It should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!