The Next Phase for Summer Olympics

Fellow Robloxian,

After waiting 6+ weeks since the original Olympics game was taken down for copyright infringement, I have given up hope that the original game would ever be restored. Obviously, the better course of action for all of us would be to have the game put back up, along with all data, records, medal counts, and gear purchases. This was not an easy decision to make, but I did this so the game may be able to live on. If you are interested in knowing exactly how this affects your progress in the other game, please read on.

Unfortunately, what this means is that all gear, pets, and consumables earned or purchased on the last game are unable to be restored. Because those were linked to one-time purchases in the disabled game, there is no way to retrieve this data. Above all, I hate that a lot of you paid for access to gear that you expected to have permanently. I have tried to contact Roblox is several ways on this behalf and waited weeks after correspondence that resulted in silence and no action. Thus, I can do nothing about all lost data and all previous purchases.

The positives?

  1. I can promise that this mistake will not happen again. I have triple-checked to ensure all removal of copyrighted material from each of my games, but especially this one. The original offender was a promotional picture of a NPC donning an authentic US Track and Field jersey. I have removed all branding, as well as anything that resembles another intellectual property. Intellectual property infringement is a serious matter, and I promptly removed the offending items. I will not argue that I was wrongfully accused. On the contrary, I should have caught the infringements ahead of time. However, I expected the game to be restored shortly after I had done so, but unfortunately it has not been.
  2. All game pass purchases in the other game will still be honored! Because these are easy to track, I am happy to report that all game passes you purchased will still be activated. There is no need for you to purchase a new pass if you already had the old one.
  3. There is a stronger anti-cheat system in place. All scores and World Records that are posted should be legitimate. If they are not, I can easily remove the original score and tighten the anti-cheat to punish those that are exhibiting improper behavior.
  4. The game is back! Starting today, you can find it under the new name [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox. Iā€™m beyond excited to play it again and start seeing new updates!

Depending on how well the game is received now, I hope to be uploading frequent updates on it within the near future. If you are glad to see it back, I would appreciate a thumbs up, as well as a favorite. I am excited to play again with all of you, and more excited to see the new World Records go up!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Above all, I absolutely hate that some of you spent money for items that perished. Again, I have tried many ways to beseech Roblox to restore the game, and if not the game, then at least the Robux each of you spent supporting the game.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. I understand this is not the most ideal route, but it is one that, at least, returns the game once again.