The Night Walkers clothing group rules and instructions

First of all, even before the introduction, I want to get something cleared up. The Night Walkers is not out real name, the group has changed ownership and purpose and we are stuck with a dumb name.

Hello everyone! We are The Night Walkers (temporary name) and we are a clothing group that makes simple but funny clothing. You can join the group to become a fan and if you would like to be a clothing designer then here are the rules and how to make clothes:

  • How to become a clothing designer:
  1. Join the group
  2. Ask in the group wall if you can be a clothes designer
  3. I will make you a clothes designer
  • Things you should know:
  1. Breaking the rules will get you ranked down and possibly kicked
  2. You will get paid but only what you earn and sometimes a bonus if there are lots of customers
  • Rules:
  1. Be nice

  2. No spam or adds on the group wall

  3. No asking for robux unless someone bought your clothes and it’s been a long time since a payout

  4. Follow the roblox guidelines when you upload clothes

  5. Always try to be original

  6. Don’t break the rules

  7. Have fun!

We hope you had fun and have a nice day, if you have any questions then just ask on the wall. See you next time!

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