The Normal Elevator Inspired Game - Ideas Needed!

Hello everyone! I’ve recently published a new game I’ve been working on called “The Subspace Elevator”, a game inspired by The Normal Elevator. The game currently has 6 Floors, 3 Badges, and one NPC.

I would like feedback on the game as well as level / floor ideas to be added into this game.
Thank you for reading!

Game Link: The Subspace Elevator - Roblox


(Please note that the game is still really new and could potentially have game breaking bugs)

This game looks nice, good job on it! How long did it take you to create it?

I might have encountered one while playing the game-- anytime I load in a server, the elevator’s stuck in the void, the timer on the side never counts up/down, the floors encountered sign never increments, and it’s stuck there forever. ANy idea what could of caused it?

I fixed the bug. It was a variable typo. Feel try to try out the game for real sometime!

This looks interesting. I definitely want to make an elevator game some day. Maybe… right now

(P.S Definitely like the bidding idea.)

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Good luck on that! Lemme know if you ever do so! :]

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Sometime i’ll make a post and tag you!

(P.S: Thanks! It’s an original idea i came up with that seems to be getting some people to stay for longer times to bid. please don’t steal the idea :[ )

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I believe around a day or two to get the system working, forgetting about the game, coming back and adding floors.

change the art style, that is, if it’s an intentional style (otherwise learn how to build)

What should i change about it?

I don’t really have anything with Elevator-type games, but I would suggest to put a creative spin to it (such as the style). Take Regretavator, for example.

Alright, thanks for the suggestion!

Add a zombie floor, an “old roblox” floor, an overly-saturated floor, a happy birthday floor, an elevator floor, a “Go on, friends, don’t save me, keep living” ahh floor.