The notch bar moves on orientation change

Reproduction Steps

This bug appears to only be reproduceable in experiences that support mobile devices in any orientation, for example the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub.

You’ll want to load into the experience and then rotate your device so that it moves from portrait to horizontal, obverse the location of the notch bar and notice that it has now taken up a non trivial part of the screen at the top.

Record on iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 16 Dev beta. Roblox version: 2.536.458 (0702f4)

Expected Behavior

I’d expect the bar remain there.

Actual Behavior

You’ll notice how much that this bar takes of the screen.

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Sometimes


Can’t reproduce on my Pixel 4a. Must be an iOS-specific issue.


I wouldn’t really call this a bug, but rather an expected faulty app.

Seeing by the OS version you are using, iOS 16 developer beta isn’t the most stable version I’ve ever seen. Try switching to a more stable OS version rather than some unstable developer preview version that breaks daily?


Ignoring that this is a bug, this is absolutely something to report.

It is important to report bugs like this because it’s important to track these kinds of problems throughout the developer builds, this is beta 4 not 1, it has gotten better. Reporting early means that before the wider public sees it, it can be resolved by Roblox. There may be a larger impact than what I see here.

You can totally note workarounds like, don’t allow different orientations, only stay portrait, go back to public beta or stable. Sure they work around it but ignore the underlying problem.

If Roblox wishes to ignore the report, that remains their decision.


I see your point, but I think that reporting a bug that occurs sometimes on a developer preview beta OS is a bit bizarre.


It is only sometimes because it only affects game which have orientation change enabled. For those games it is constant.

Again, it is important to report early. It is better to have something on the radar than not at all. If between dev beta 4 and public beta 3, it fixes. The bug is marked fixed.

If Roblox engineers wish not to deal with this bug and to wait for a full release, that remains their personal decision. I am only here to report bugs, not decide the priority above what the engineers ask of me already.


Can confirm that this does occur. I was able to repro on IPhone 13. Seems like the beta is causing it, as I’m currently running iOS 16.5 Public Beta. No known workaround from what I can tell.


I am a part of the Apple Beta Program like you are, and have been experiencing this issue ever since I upgraded, so this is an iOS-Related issue.

The reason I didn’t report it is because I figured it would be fixed when iOS 16 would be released to the public.

@railworks2 A workaround would be to rotate your screen a few times. The notch will then move back to its appropriate place. :slight_smile:


I think this must be related to iOS 16. I am currently on iOS 16 Public Beta 3, and I am experiencing this as well. @railworks2

Not sure if it’s something Roblox will need to fix on their end, or something Apple will deal with.

I’ve noticed strange landscape behavior in multiple apps, so I’m leaning towards this is an Apple issue. Will probably be resolved in the next beta or two. (still hasn’t been fixed and we are close to release- maybe Roblox does need to change something)

Update: occurring on beta 4 as well.

Update Again: occurring on public beta 6 as well.


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This is still an issue on iOS 16 Public Beta 5.

I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro Max

Edit: still an issue in Public Beta 6


Bumping this thread with iOS 16 set to release to the public soon. Any info if this is on Apple’s end specifically or something Roblox themselves have to fix?

Should note that I’m still experiencing this in iOS Public Beta 8. Using the iPhone 13 with the latest Roblox app version. (version 2.542.509)


This is still an issue in the full release of iOS 16


iOS 16 is publicly released, and this issue is still occurring. I’d say it’s a pretty major issue, so hopefully it will get looked into by Roblox.


This is definitely related to iOS 16. Didn’t have a problem before.

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The lack of notice on this bug report by DevRel or any engineering team is quite worrying. With iOS 16 being publicly released, this issue is now affecting a large amount of Roblox’s user base and removing significant screen real estate. As a result, players are going to have a worse experience in every game and developers will pay the price for an issue out of their control.

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This is an issue affecting iPhones with a camera notch at the top. (iPhone X and above)

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Also this issue is still happening without any response from ROBLOX! Please fix this soon as it ruins the player experience and restricts their screen to a smaller size then necessary.

Yes Im experiencing this issue, believe it might be to do with IOS 16 as I havent seen this before.

I also believe this is an issue with iOS 16 as with the iPhone 14 they have changed the way the notch behaves.