The Npc I made Falls through the map in roblox player but not in studio

Here is an example




Also the game is lobby based, I dont think that has anything to do with the game but it teleports you to another place once you create a lobby.

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The model is rigged too and animated constantly so that might have something do to with it.

iā€™m not sure if this is correct or it is probably due to the map not loading quickly enough before the NPC spawns in, i think you could try to make the NPC stay in place (via anchor) then unanchor after a set minimum of time


I also made it so after 15 seconds the CFrame of the torso is changed and it still falls through the map and gets stuck in the ground, and changing the hip height dosent seem to work. And one time it go on the ceiling after the game starts and it clips through the ceiling and the floor and dies even though the game was loaded.