The Number OBBY Change Logs

The Number OBBY change logs

Game Link: The Number OBBY - Roblox

Change logs:

"Version 0.4" (20/8/2020)

The Quality of life Update!

  • Camera now spawns behind your character!
  • Level Leaderstats now show the level your doing not what you have just done.


  • Level 23 now possible! (oops)
  • Level 29 Jumping blocks changed slightly
  • Levels 4-30 now have spawn points that spawn you facing the next level!
  • Levels 15-19, 22 & 29 numbers have be changed to NoCollide (to prevent cheating)
  • Level 21 & 27 can no longer be cheated at (kill parts no longer have CanCollide disabled!)
  • Level 29’s walls have been made larger so no more jumping over them!
  • Level 30’s numbers can no longer be jumped on! (wall as made taller)
Version 0.3.1 (15/8/2020)

Version 0.3.1
I have rolled out a patch to fix the unable to respawn bug! Thanks @kylerzong

Version 0.3 (14/8/2020)

Version 0.3


  • 2 more levels (30 total)
  • No more jumping on KillBricks to avoid dying - with this change the kill parts have been made thicker so some levels have been slightly or completely changed
  • New Checkpoint system, No being set back to the start for no reason! and also compair your level with the server with Leaderstats
  • Numbers now kill OnTouch for level 28
  • Level 7’s KillParts no longer fade on touch (im not sure why i made them do that)
  • Level 14’s walls are more even
  • Level 15’s Trusses are now anchored for real this time
  • Level 18 is now centered
  • Fixed Random KillBrick - now back in place on level 22
  • Fixed random checkpoint in the “8” of 28
  • Level 29 now kills if you touch the 9
Version 0.2 (13/8/2020)

Version 0.2


  • A new Lobby - Complete Change!
  • Levels 25-28
Version 0.1.1 (12/8/2020)

Many levels were impossible now fixed!

Version 0.1 (12/8/2020)

Version 0.1
Many bugs fixed with this update and new levels too! Have fun playing through them!

  • level 16 - 25
  • Spawn wedges no longer change color
  • Lobby is no longer higher than the obby
  • Level 8 made harder
  • All Checkpoints and number gaps now same for everything
  • Part Explain walls changed
  • More shadows removed
  • Level 1 & 7 KillBricks organised
  • Level 11 is now possible! (sorry)
  • Level 6’s moving lasers now kill OnTouch and are organized
  • level 12 is now much easier and slightly different
  • level 13’s is now anchored, so now more easy to do
Version 0.05 (10/8/2020)

Version 0.05

  • level 15


  • Changed OBBY Orientation (After level 4)


  • Shadows Turned off on Lobby parts.
  • Some lasers not killing OnTouch.
Version 0 (10/8/2020)

Opened for public testing