The Official Polarstar Support Striker System Documentation


Welcome to the Official Polarstar Support Striker Tank System Documentation. Here, you’ll be directed through a written, step-by-step, guide on how to install Striker Systems into your game / Group game, and use them!

:warning: You must own the whitelist (Product) to use Our system, also you must have a Military Simulator Industries Account.

Military Simulator Industries: here

Polarstar Studio: here

:warning: Make Sure you join in Discord located in the social link below of the groups


  • Product Installation guide.
  • MSI/ Military Simulator Industries account Creation.
  • Product Redeem
  • User or Group whitelisting / Rremove whitelite from group or user.

Product Installation:

:warning: Make sure your system is already whitelisted in your group or user
:warning: Make sure you have MSI account.

  1. Get the files in #Striker-Releases Channel.
  • Make sure after you create an MSI account you use this command [+gr] in Bot-cmds In Polarstar discord channel, so you will get role called “Striker Owner” and to have access on the Striker owner channel.
  1. Transfer the files into your main game or publish the game called “StrikerR1U1_Official_Release.rbxl”
  2. Use MSI plugin to whitelist your game [Whitelist plugin located here]
  3. Login your msi account
  4. Open Output and copy the generated code.

6.DM Military Simulator Industries Bot, and say [+bind (paste the generated key in your output)]
7. Copy the key from MSI.

  1. Paste it on msi plugin in your studio.

  2. Open your http in settings

  3. Publish your game.

If you have trouble with our products feel free to open ticket in Polarstar discord, Support team will help you to fix your problem

MSI/ Military Simulator Industries account Creation:

  1. You must join in MSI group, Link

  2. Dm MSI bot, then say [+support account group pending]
    MSI support agents will assist you to accept you in Roblox group

  • Once you get accepted Join in MSI link [Game]
  1. Click generate code [Located in left side.]
  2. Dm msi bot again, [+link (paste the key generated from game)]

Then you are successfully created an MSI account!

Product redeem

  1. If you use robux to buy our product, go to #robux-wl [!checkwl] in polarstar Discord.
    (Your key will be Direct message to you in discord.)

  2. If you use USD to buy our product, your whitelist be located in your email.

If you are using Gmail, And you haven’t seen the key, Search in the search box “whitelist” and you will get your key.

How to Whitelist or remove whitelist in my account or in my group?

To remove whitelist to your account, go to bot-cmd or dm the MSI then follow this format

[+whitelist create Product user 123456]
[+whitelist delete Product user 123456]

After that wait your whitelist to get accepted.
"How can I know if my whitelist is already accepted?
A: MSI bot will DM you.

After that, you may use your product now in your game/group!

If you having trouble about striker or in other product, Open a ticket #tickets in polarstar discord.**