The "Official Store" Button leads to a broken frame

On the siderbar, clicking on the “Official Store button” will show this frame:

What it is supposed to do is bring you to amazon, and show you the Roblox toys.
I am not aware of when this started happening, I was just randomly checking all the buttons, and that happened.
To reproduce the bug, just simply click on the “Official Store” button on the sidebar.

I am on a Windows 10 OS, using Google Chrome.
My specs are an i5-8300H intel CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU

Here is a gif showing the full issue:


I remember it used to be a confirmation message saying about how amazon is third party And not affiliated with roblox then after you click it it will take you to amazon. Sorry if this is not helpful.

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Same here. Can’t see why this is happening. But when you click on the white thing it redirects you to Amazon. Do you have extensions installed? I have R+ and BTR.

This is kinda wrong. It is meant to say that Amazon isn’t part of Roblox and stuff, and it shows a confirmation that you want to visit the site. But what is broken is the confirmation message.

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Yep, I remember that too.
Maybe something with my browser or something with my computer is causing it to break.

Yeah, my apologies. I got it wrong.
And yes, I do have R+. I uninstalled it, yet the problem still occurs. =/

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I haven’t seen anyone confirm Mac or Safari. So I’m here to confirm this occurs on Mac using Safari 13.1.2.

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Doesn’t happen to me.


I tried it again, and it seems like the issue has been fixed.

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