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Hi there! You might be wondering what is the “One Hour Challenge” well… I made it up. It is an event that I am starting where you work with other developers to make a game on ONE hour. Keep in mind this is for fun. It is not a super serious development project. The game will be a team based combat game. With bases and weapons. This event will be hosted by Spike Stream Studios.

The Team
@Jackman13799 - Builder
@username - Builder
@username - UI
@Superboy123450 - Scripter
@NuthinButMuffin - Scripter
@username - Modeler
@username - etc.


This event will take place on Saturday the 22nd of February, at 8:00 am, Pacific Standard Time. Then on Friday I will give people their assignments.


This game is just for fun do not expect to be paid. If for some magical reason this game gets popular you will be compensated.

Contact Us

Here is my Discord to apply! Wizzardofazz#8707
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


So you need about 7 developers and don’t even have a proper compensation for the developers. This is quite frankly a bad deal since there’s not a big chance that the game will get popular. I suggest lowering the developer count because you can make the game with like 3-4 developers.


I’m sorry but I noted quite clearly that this project was for fun and that you should not expect to be paid.

Then please change the developer count. 8 developers is a lot.

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I will compromise and lower it to 6.

Love the idea! Sadly, ill be busy that day otherwise I would have participated

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Couple of things

  1. Dose your experience madder for this ?
  2. Will there be more things like this?

I want to start hosting game jams and as long as you can do it your fine you don’t need to be super qualified. It is all for fun.

Okay I might be able to do this.

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