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An advanced Bézier curves module

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Hey developers,

I’m happy to present an advanced Bézier curves module for Luau, which supports Vector3 curves of any degree. It provides all functions that you need for game development.

Although it encompasses many features, it is very lightweight. It won’t waste any calculations on things you don’t use.

Why choose this?

The modules you can currently find on Roblox only provide basic functions. Most of them aren’t optimized at all.

I wanted to create a once-and-for-all solution which you can use for basic stuff, but also for more advanced calculations.

Some examples of what this module can do:

Screenshot 2022-11-04 224742

Normal vectors

Bounding boxes

Splitting curves

You can start by looking at the introduction here.

Please reply with feedback, suggestions, bugs, improvements, etc. Any contributions are greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just released an additional module: PolyBezier

PolyBézier curves, or composite Bézier curves, are multiple Bézier curves that are joined end to end. This module guarantees a C¹ continuity between the curves, which means that the position and derivative are the same in the connection points.

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