The orbit creator plugin [Beta]

The orbit creator plugin

This plugin lets you easily create an orbit around an object with a variety of different parameters e.g. The orbit period, the trajectory, starting point, which direction should it orbit and so on.

The plugin

Upon downloading the plugin a script called the “OrbiterScript” will get inserted into the “ServerScriptService” you can place this script wherever you want. However don’t modify any of the instances that are parented to it or else it can resault in the script breaking.

Now onto the most exciting topic and that’s BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?. I am happy that you asked let me show you. Once you click on the plugin’s icon in the plugins tab, this window will open.

First before I explain what each option does let me show how do you even make an orbit.

This is very important “FIRST” select the object that you want the other object to orbit around and then you select the object which will be orbiting. It’s very important that you do it in this order or else you might get undesired orbits. Let me show it on an example so you better understand it just in case.


In the picture above I want the blue ball to orbit around the red one how would I do it?
I would first select the red ball and then I would select the blue ball.
Like this:

If you have done this you might be confused since you don’t see any blue balls showing the path as in the video the reason as to why did this happen is beacuse you didn’t set the Major/Minor axis to any high value.

Now when you selected those two objects you might’ve noticed that you have a part named OrbitManipulator selected you don’t really have to worry about the name or anything the reason as to why is it there is because if you rotate it you can incline or rotate the orbit.

You can also move it around and change it’s properties but it won’t do anything this part is here just for the rotation.

If you are observant you might’ve noticed a green ball on the orbit.


The reason as to why it is there is to show you where will the orbiting object be when you start the game.

Now onto the interesting stuff what are those options and what do they do?
Let me explain.

If you want to delete an orbit simply select the two same objects in the same order and a button called “Delete” should appear upon pressing it the orbit will get deleted.

And what if you want to modify the orbit how would you do that? Same as with deleting an orbit select those two same objects in the same order then play around with the orbit settings and once you are happy with it click on the “Apply” button.

If you don’t want the plugin to work anymore simply click on it’s icon in the plugin’s tab.

For the sections below.
If any of the idea/bug is marked as.
:red_square: - It’s known about but it’s not being worked on currently.
:yellow_square: - It’s being currently worked on.


:yellow_square: - When an object that’s orbiting something is deleted the orbiter script will error


This is empty like my brain

If you have made it here thank you for reading this post. If you have any ideas or if you have found any bugs or maybe you want to ask a question don’t be afraid and mention me in your post below. As you could probably guess this plugin is currently in beta that means you my dear reader can contribute towards it’s development ;). Anyways that’s all from me for now hope you enjoy this plugin.

Update information (4.5.2022):
- A lot of bug fixes
Ladies and gentelman I introduce to you the —>(THE PHYSICS MODE)<—
That’s right this mode works very similarly how the plugin currently works howere insted it uses roblox’s physics to simulate orbits. I will edit this post and include documentation about the physics mode later on.

Version: 1.0.1


I don’t really have a use for this but I can tell you put in a ton of work so great job!


Amazing! Is this supposed to simulate planetary orbits? What about making it more physics-based, for example binary start orbits (search it up if you don’t know what it is).
Also, instead of choosing which object is the one orbitting, make the object with the lower mass orbit the heavier one, just like in real life.

Those are all my ideas and suggestions, I’m not trying to tell you what to do :smiley:


Thank you for the suggestion @Actulurus.
I really like the idea of making the objects orbit objects that have more mass however when I was making this plugin I wanted to give the user more of a freedom as to decide which objects will orbit which. For example there might be some cases where players want a bigger object orbit smaller one like making only a small reference point (like a very small invisible part) and make an object orbit it.
As for the binary start orbits this was a thing that I was also thinking about when I was making the plugin however let’s say you have a PartA and a PartB if you will say the plugin that PartA will orbit PartB and PartB will orbit PartA something ummmmmm… very interesting will happen and the whole system will freak out.

But nothing to worry about you can get around this problem you can make an invisible part in the middle of two for example stars and make them orbit it.

And as for the question if this is suppoed to simulate planetary orbits yes it can but it can also be used for something else (like making fireflies orbit a light in the dark) as I said above I wanted to give the user more freedom as to what they can do with it.
Fireflies video:

That’s all I believe thank you for your suggestion :D.


Maybe some “Physics Mode” or “Realistic Mode” that the developer can choose (true or false). He may want it to be physics-based, maybe for a space simulation game, or just anything else non-physics-based like the fireflies.

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Making a physics mode optional insted of being it set by default is a good idea I will add that onto the list. However please expect this feature to take some time to release since making the base plugin that you can see took few weeks. Thank you for the idea.

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You should try making eccentric orbits. My module has them maybe want to look at that for more advanced orbits. Module : [V2]Tomroblox54321's Advanced Planetary Orbit Module - #8 by Tomroblox54321

For some reason it works in one of my games but not the other and I can’t figure out why.

Hi, Antiquity_Spy.
I’m very sorry indeed for the late response however due to some issue I’ve been off the developer forums for quite a while. I will just ask you few questions does, it say anything in the output when you run the game? And most importantly what were you doing before it stopped working?

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Hello, it’s ok, it was only a couple of days. There is nothing in output, and it hasn’t worked in the game since I first tried it. I put it in an empty baseplate and it seemed to work, so I think something in my game is affecting it.

That’s very interesting I tried exactly what you said and it works perfectly fine on an empty baseplate however in games it has a trouble. However I belive that I might’ve fixed this issue since the plugin currently avilable to the public is… well let’s be honset “”"“kinda”""" broken. But I have noticed most of the issues and patched a lot of bugs and glitches the next version of the plugin will include a new physcis mode and A LOT of bug fixes. I plan on reasling it tomorrow. And hopefully that will fix the issue that you are currently experiencing.

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