The Parachute Regiment Codex



Parachuting Regiment Codex

T3MP15T’s British Army

The Parachuting Regiment (hereinafter “PARAS”) is a group of elite British Army members parachuting out of planes and helicopters, providing tactical assistance.

After you have successfully passed a tryout, you can join the Roblox group here.

Duty Rules

[1] As members of the British Army, you are expected to follow the Most of the rules in the CODEX are also in the universal CODEX.

[2] Respect is a crucial expectation in possibly high-anxiety situations. To prepare for these situations, we need you to be respectful at all times. Respect is most vital when interacting with higher ranks, but we trust you to be respectful with equivalent and lower ranks.

[3] Do not abuse your tools. Each member of PARAS is given an automatic rifle upon joining the group. You are to use this respectfully and appropriately. Do not randomly kill anyone. Killing higher ranks without their explicit permission will result in punishments.

[4] Remain mature on duty. It would be best if you had at least decent grammar - using “you” instead of “u,” etc. - while on duty. It makes it easier to understand what you are saying. Do not joke around in incredibly severe conditions, such as raids, training, meetings, etc.

[5] Show integrity. Own up to your mistakes and improve.

[6] Show your initiative. Step up when someone needs help and in difficult situations. This will prove to your officers that you are a leader.

[7] Follow the Roblox Community Rules. Do not bypass, discriminate, bully, harass. Predatory behaviour will immediately be forwarded to moderation for possible further action.

[8] Speak up. If you find that a PARAS is breaking CODEX - instead of ignoring it - report it immediately.

[9] Officers have the final say. If any of the officers find that you are violating the regiment’s and British Army’s morals, you can be punished. You must be inclusive and kind over anything else.

Discord Rules

[1] Follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Violations will be sent to moderation and Discord’s Trust & Safety team.

[2] Be respectful to everyone. Regardless of someone’s identity - whether that be gender, sexuality, race, etc. - you need to be inclusive.

[3] Do not post Not Safe For Work Content (18+ content, explicit content, etc.). Anything deemed NSFW will be immediately dealt with.

[4] Use of profanity is not allowed, and it will be deleted.

[5] Do not leak any of the chats. All of the information sent in the PARAS’ Discord server is confidential and restricted to only people who have access to the discussions.

[6] Follow the British Army’s main Discord rules. These are in place to protect the community; you should be following them in all related servers.

[7] It’s the moderator’s call. All moderators have the discretion to moderate you at any point for violation or our morals.


JJ = Jumping Jack - Jumping multiple times spelling the numbers out in all capitals (e.g. ONE, TWO, THREE).
HJ = Hell Jack - Jumping multiple times spelling each number out with letters in all capitals, jumping on every message (e.g. O, N, E, T, W, O, T, H, R, E, E).

  • In-Game Punishments
    Offence 1 ~ 70 JJs and 40 HJs + Discipline training
    Offence 2 ~ 200 JJs and 70 HJs + Discipline training
    Offence 3 ~ Straight up exile + blacklist depending on the severity.

Written by @vhaddie.
Approved by @uAuzzie.