The Part Won't Move at all

so I want to make a part that moves every 0.1 second.

I used this script, it was 100% parented to the part

local Part = script.Parent

while true do
	Part.Position = Part.Position +,0,0)

It does not work, How do I make it work?

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Just tested it, there is nothing wrong with the script. I think you might have the part anchored.

Anchoring would not make this script not work, perhaps you have a reference error or are completely referencing the wrong thing

No, it is not because of that, position is just a property, and I also unanchored the part, still not working

I tried your script with the part unanchored and it worked, I tried it anchored and it worked. Iā€™m not quite sure what the problem is.

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It worked when i moved the part up and then down again

Weird maybe it had something to do with a weld, but then again idk if that affects setting the position

maybe the part was inside of the baseplate? idk