The pit of doom

My favorite pit

Try finding 2 symbols


dude your going to make me use 100% of the brain power i dont even have again


LOL, we need futuristic again
he has the smart brain here

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hey thats offensive


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i didn’t know that was mean for you

it was a joke lolllll,

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:frowning: please forgive



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but here is a hint. use your 100% brain on the torches

Dude i seriously cant get it,

this is easier to understand :tongue:

alright i will tell you answer but not where it is
The symbol is letter “C”

try finding it

Is it this



not even close. look at the top at the chat

alright above the north torch there is a white something there, also at the end of the cave there is a blue block of something?:?

you got the 1st one but thats just the hole to the end of your life

alright well the 1st one was pretty easy wont lie

the 2nd one is the most hardest

is that the letter C or nah…?


but u must use ur big math brain

yeah dont have that kind of brain lol

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I see something above one of the torches and somethings inside of the pit.