The Plaza in Alpha

So I am working on a social interaction type game in its early stages based off GMod Tower. Only some of the many features I want to add are done but id like to see any/all constructive criticism that you might have for me.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

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Looks and plays nicely. My only suggestion is that you fill in the massively empty spaces in the apartment complex with some cool stuff. Don’t forget to add more things to interact with or socialize with.

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Two things that stuck out to me immediately:

  • The default walkspeed (16) is really, really bad for such a huge, open map. It takes forever to just leave the hotel! You should increase it to at least 20-24.
  • It took me a long time to find the Games area. First I went to the boardwalk, but nothing was really there, and then I finally found it behind those trees in the big open plaza area.

Basically, the map is cool and well-built but it feels waaaay too big. Faster walking or even a quick-warp map GUI could do wonders.

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Ive definitely been heavily considering this, so there will be teleport boxes or something to teleport to different parts of the map, along with a walk speed of 20-25 probably.

Thanks for the input

Nice :smiley:

I remember seeing the Yogscast playing Gmod Tower in 2012 and I became inspired to plan a game on ROBLOX similar to that, but I quickly lost motivation lol.

Nice build, I like the environment. I don’t think the movement speed will be an issue when there are a bunch of people around, though if there were teleporters to and from the spawn point it would really help people get to where hey want to go.

I tried to play the cart game and got a “Waiting for Players” message for a while, then I was disconnected from the server…

The game requires 2 players, not sure why it disconnected you though, that could’ve been me updating some things and shutting down. Glad you liked it!