The pop-up window in studio (for uploading/editing models and places) is often hidden

Started happening early 2014 for me. Still happening, and it’s gotten a little worse.

Example images, repro, and temporary solution:

Opening window… sometimes it hangs for 10 seconds with no pop-up at all, or a pop-up with the loading bar 100% full, or this (the last window to show, i.e. the last window didn’t get cleared before it opened then started hanging):

Here’s a subsequent window in the mysterious ‘no pop-up at all’ scenario as described above:

To fix this, I just found out myself that minimizing then opening studio back up will bring the weird hidden window back to the front:

Ta-da, the window is back, it was hidden for some raisin:

This has always bugged me… :frowning:

When uploading anything to the site, there’s always 5-10 second delay before the window opens, then when it does, it appears behind the studio window sometime. When clicking a model to update or create a new model, it takes a bunch of seconds to process, and a very prolonged delay when clicking to update/upload.

I never had an issue with this until just last month when I got a new computer.
When I right click on an item in the workspace the pop-up window appears about 1/4 of the screen away. Moving the mouse to the window makes it disappear, but if I move the mouse to where the window should be by the part the highlights appear on the menu and I can choose the highlighted item.
This also happens with the ‘File’ and other top toolbar items like ‘Fill with color’.
With the new HP computer I got windows 8 and am running 2 monitors so I don’t know if that is the cause for the problem.



I’ve encountered this issue too. At first I was wondering why the upload window wasn’t popping up, but now I know to just check behind the studio window by minimizing/maximizing like you do. Not sure when this might have first happened, but it’s certainly not new.

[quote] “print(math.ceil(0))”

why? [/quote]

what happens in studio;

stays in studio

[quote] “print(math.ceil(0))”

why? [/quote]

what happens in studio;

stays in studio[/quote]

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