The Prime Syndicate | Pride of Altaris Guidelines

The mothership “Pride of Altaris” powers the shields of Knaria Prime.
Take down the shields in order to perform ground assaults on the planet’s key bases of operation.

The Pride of Altaris is a moving dual-cap base.
At the start, both teams must capture and hold the Tower point for a certain amount of time.
The winner of the first phase will determine where the Pylon spawns.
The Pylon will rotate around the map and lock at key areas for a certain amount of time.
Capture and hold the Pylon long enough to win.


  1. No ROBLOX ToS violations.
    • Ban from the game
  2. No exploiting or cheating of any kind.
    • Ban from the game
    • Void the raid
  3. No glitching of any kind.
    • Spawn your whole team
  4. No frog jumping.
    • Spawn your whole team
  5. No alts.
    • Ban (individual)
  6. No toxicity.
    • Mute (individual)
    • Kick (individual)

We reserve the right to restart the server if the ping is bad.

Private Servers:
Upon buying a private server, the server owner will receive Kohl’s Admin Moderator and Raid Admin privileges.

  • Note that Prime officers will have admin in private servers. If they abuse admin, report it to a Patriarch+.

!official - Starts the raid
!dlimit - Sets the defender limit (default 12)
!rlimit - Sets the raider limit (default 12)
!endraid - Ends the raid, giving the defenders the win
!endraid raider - Ends the raid, giving the raiders the win
!detect - Try to detect the raiding group
!sr - Set the raiding group