The problem with textures on meshes

hello, i’m having a problem with the textures on mesh parts. the texture is on 2 separate mesh parts and one of the meshes isn’t loading the texture. this has nothing to do with the amount of textures it has (its cursed i know). the texture works on one of the meshes but the other one doesn’t have the texture on it. the texture shows up on the texture without the arch. does anyone else have this problem. please and thank you


Was this mesh part made made in a 3rd party program, possibly with a full PBR texture on it? The UV mapping gets messed up unless there is only a single image per material, and a single material per part.

That’s all I got. Textures work for me now.


yes the model was made in blender but there was no texture made in blender I got the texture from roblox. The model that has the texture on it is weird because when i remove the mesh id and make it revert back into a block the texture goes away

It could still be a UV mapping issue. Try using that texture as an image node in a material in blender. Get it looking right there. Then you should be able to use the texture in Roblox and it will look the same.


dangit im so dumb the model was on double sided and the texture was on the inside but I thought it was broken. thanks alot

If I were you, I’d mark that as the solution so no one else comes in and offers help to a solved problem.

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